5 Most Frequent Problems Reported by BMW Car Owners

A BMW belongs to the high-end category of luxury cars that has maintained its stellar reputation through the years. Not only in terms of looks, but BMW cars are also top-tier for quality engineering and for always pushing the limits in automotive technology through their brilliant models. So, if you own a BMW, we know how proud you are of your Bimmer.

BMWs, in general, are viewed as dependable; however, they are not free of faults. Like other vehicles, they too need regular maintenance & repair work to keep running smoothly. Minor issues can arise over time, which, if neglected, can lead to bigger issues. Whether you already own a BMW car or have your eyes on one, there are some common BMW problems that you should be aware of. This will help you identify them before they become serious, and look for reliable BMW car repair services in Dubai to fix them promptly.

So, here are the most common problems with BMWs –

  1. Water Pump Failure

BMW vehicles use an electric water pump with its electrical motor instead of a water pump run by a serpentine belt. Unfortunately, this reinvention by the luxury brand fails miserably. While some BMW owners have reportedly witnessed it breaking down at approximately 145, 000 miles, it can easily break down at anywhere around 60, 000 miles.

  1. Discharging Batteries 

BMW’s batteries usually last no more than six years, and may sometimes begin to develop problems as early as three or four years. While these problems could arise due to various electronic issues in the car, some common causes may include accidentally leaving the doors open or the lights on. The smart key being too close to the car when it is parked could also lead to battery issues over time. That’s because the smart key may keep using the car’s systems even when parked, causing lower battery efficiency.

  1. Leaking Oil Filter Gasket

The privilege of being a BMW owner often comes with the cost of a vulnerable oil filter gasket. The gasket which connects the oil filter to the car’s engine gets weak over time. Any problems in the gasket, if not caught early enough can quickly lead to bigger issues. So, make sure you take your car to a trusted BMW car repair garage in Dubai for regular service and maintenance. Your best bet for avoiding a leaking oil filter gasket is to get your car’s routine oil changes without any delays.

  1. Heater Core & Coolant System Issues

Problems in the heater core & coolant system are also commonly reported by BMW owners. As these are closely related components, any problems in them may cause heat regulation issues in the car, such as overheating, lack of heat in the cabin even after engaging the heater, and rapid consumption of the coolant. While some of these issues could be due to a faulty radiator or a broken blower motor, you should not rule out the possibility of a broken heater core. And in that case, one of the warning signs to watch out for is a sweet, musty odor similar to that of a fruit or candy. This is the coolant’s smell, & that’s never a good sign.

  1. Alloy Wheel Corrosion

Alloy wheels are one of the most notable style features of BMWs. Unfortunately, they corrode sooner than you would expect. The worse is that there is no way you can repair your bimmer’s alloy wheels once they corrode. Hence, the only choice you have is to get them replaced at a reliable BMW car repair and service center in Dubai.

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