6 Best Trending Social Media Practices That Improve Your Business!

The idea of starting a business is not a joke, many people often engage in such practices every day. Though technology is one of the major reasons that have made it possible, it also sets the path to be quite challenging. Many say success comes to those who work for it. It is important to ensure that all your efforts are driven in the right way. So, we are here to discuss some of the trending social media practices that improve your chances of winning the business race.

Social media platforms have become a major source of entertainment among us. This refers to Sharing photos, videos etc. among our family and friends. Besides it also proves helpful in sharing effective information in crucial situations. So it pretty much covers everything happening around us. So, in other words, it has got people’s attention. This makes it be a perfect platform for business practices; after all, getting people’s attention is not an easy job!

Thus being said one must remember that simple social presence will get you nowhere! It is getting more crowded even now as we speak; this brings us to the need for making effective actions that provide actual results rather false hopes.

Following are some of the trending business strategies on social media platforms to stand ahead of the crowd and be successful!

1) Live Videos Are the Best!

Many follow interesting marketing strategies to get people’s attention but nothing beats their love towards the live videos. People get bored or simply don’t have the time for traditional ads and the blog posts. This video platform makes them feel more alive and interested.

Around 95% of the brand executives say that this live video strategy will play a major role in their marketing strategy in the future.

Also, around 80% of people prefer to watch live videos rather than sitting around reading blog posts. So better get started making videos but make sure it is informative and useful to your audience.

2) Smarter Chatbots

Chatbots have become an inseparable part of our business practices. Also, like any of the modern technological advancements, these chatbots have also improved in many ways.

Today these chatbots are on the social media platforms to serve customers in a better way. As we tend to migrate more into the digitized business platform these chatbots sure mean a great deal in the future.

These bots are programmed to provide the automated answers to the customer queries. It proves to be more cost-effective compared to that of real-time customer care representative.

It is found that healthcare and the banking sectors are sure to make a good use of these chatbots saving quite a money by the year of 2022( say around $8 billion per annum) which was about $20 million in 2017.

3) Influencer Marketing is Growing

Many people are familiar with the idea of influencer marketing. It is the concept of making use of people to improve their business among others via social media platforms. These influencers are also grouped into various categories based on the size of their audience group.

trending social media practices

Among the various types, the micro influencers are the most effective people with their audience count of 1000 to 90,000. And this brings us to the next question why them?

  • High credibility and more trustworthy with friends and followers
  • More connected to brand topics and products.
  • More in numbers making it efficient to cover a large number of people in small groups
  • Can recommend any brand products and improve actual customer count.
  • They are cost-effective compared to celebrities.

Many of the business organizations have started realizing it and are ready to spend more on these influencers.

4) Paid Advertisements Really Pay Off!

Paid advertisements have been practiced among people for a long time. But with the increased number of the social media platforms, it is sure to reach higher grounds in terms of getting people’s attention. Today all sort of the business organizations have started using it and also have witnessed the wonders of modern technology. Facebook is one of the best examples that justify the above-mentioned fact; it provides greater facilities to select an advertisement plan that meets our expectations.

It is one of the most effective ways to improve one’s business in a short interval of time.

5) Let the People Speak for You!

Today it is one of the most simple and elegant ways of gaining the trust among people. It involves making your customers do the talking. Because they are one who had the first-hand experience with any brand products or service. People tend to trust their friends and family more than others, so it works much better so many have started following it.

6) Ephemeral Content Works!

Though the term could be quite new to some people it is nothing more than what we come across every day in the social media platforms.

Majority of people would have used the story features in the Facebook, snap chat, Instagram etc. these stories are just the normal photos or video contents that lasts only for a day (24 hours max)

So, many of the business organization have made use of this strategy to grasp more people’s attention. Like live video streaming, this short story advertisement sure tops the trending best working marketing strategies as of now. But remember overdoing it may affect your follower count.  So be sure of what you do and when you do!

Why Now?

As the technology develops so does the business practices associated with it. In fact, the competition is increasing steadily that brings us to the need for being equipped with the right tool to be successful.

trending social media practices

This also includes the way of how social media platforms operate. The referral and the organic traffic from these media platforms have declined greatly which pushes us forward to try something new such as these live video streaming and the short story advertisements. However, each of these trending social media practices is unique and special in their own way!

Also, remember that good quality work is more important than quantity. So, be sure to take the time to analyze the situation and come up with the best suitable plans that provide long-term results.



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