6 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Outsourcing Your Project Management in the Philippines

When working with multiple clients, a project manager (PM) needs to focus on various tasks, handle communication between developers, and solve loads of issues simultaneously. However, like every employee, they also have their limitations. There are circumstances when they cannot take a new project to manage, or sometimes, they are not skilled and experienced enough to lead one.

In this case, outsourcing a PM is an excellent solution for such an immediate need. An outsourced PM can temporarily or permanently help handle the project and improve team management and the development process for a small cost.

And when it comes to outsourcing, the Philippines has always been a prime destination for businesses worldwide. The country’s outsourcing industry is best known for its cost-effective labor with top talents. This article will showcase the benefits of outsourcing project management from the Philippines and why it is a must for your company!

Reasons Why Companies Outsource Their Project Management?

Hiring an outsourced PM has been an integral part of the development and IT projects for years. It is an excellent alternative to building an in-house project manager. An outsource PM can ensure the success of the project by ensuring that communication is smooth sailing and that all problems are addressed.

Similarly, it can help a company experiencing the following issues:

  • Lack of skilled professionals for a specific project available in the company
  • To lower the high cost of maintaining employees or budget overruns
  • Demand for 24/7 availability or development
  • The sudden need to develop a feature or products

6 Benefits of Outsourcing Project Management in the Philippines

As mentioned earlier, the Philippines has been a prime destination for outsourcing worldwide. The country has always been known for its cost-efficient labor and excellent work.

But if you are still hesitant about outsourcing your project management in the Philippines, we listed six solid reasons why companies choose the Philippines for outsourcing.

  1. Work Ethics of Filipinos are Outstanding

Project management outsourcing in the Philippines is known to get money’s worth. While it costs less than other countries, they have effective project management practices that ensure quality work gets done.

In addition, Filipinos are known as hardworking people with strong work ethics. They are known to be naturally resilient and adaptable. Filipinos are flexible enough to adjust to changing demands and changing shifts. They can easily do sudden tasks that would take a lot of time for someone to do.

Moreover, they are highly trainable, so they can keep up with new tasks quickly and effectively.

  1. Reliable and Well-Experienced Services

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines has a 3-decade history. It started in 1992, and slowly the industry has flourished since then. It is estimated that the country holds about 15% of the BPO’s global market and services big countries such as the USA, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

In addition, the outsourcing industry in the Philippines has long since been enhanced by leading companies and the Philippine government. Since then, the country has had many skilled, educated, and hardworking candidates for countless outsourcing services. Companies can now outsource various government experts, including IT, software development, accounting, digital marketing, human resources, and project management.

Project managers in the Philippines are also well-versed in handling complex projects, experimental approaches to tools and techniques, and team dynamics principles. In addition, the country offers various certification and project management courses that are designed for IT project leaders.

  1. Filipinos are English Proficient

Another reason to outsource your project management in the country is their proficiency in other English languages. There is an increasing demand for experts who can communicate in English with globalization.

And the Philippines being a center for outsourcing, most employees in the country are proficient in the language. The British Council of the Philippines recognized the country to be one of the largest English-speaking nations. The majority of its population has at least some degree of fluency in English.

So, no need to worry if your project leader can communicate with your clients!

  1. Technology and Data Security is World Class Level

Likewise, with the government’s support of the outsourcing industry, the country has since long improved its data security laws and infrastructure.

The Philippines has one of Asia’s most advanced and robust data protection laws, with strict penalties for any violations. The Data Privacy Act of 2012 states that “To protect the fundamental human right of privacy, of communication while ensuring free flow of information to promote innovation and growth.”

There is no obligation for data localization, making your businesses’ confidential information safe and secured. This is great for your company and client data’s confidentiality, integrity, and safety.

  1. Cost-Effective Labor

It is well-known that companies can save money and resources through outsourcing services. They can minimize payroll costs while having a lower turnover rate and less hands-on management on the outsourced team.

Companies outsourcing in the Philippines can pay 80% less for doing the same job than a local. You can hire a project manager in the Philippines for AUD 26k annually compared to AUD 124k in Australia. So, instead of paying someone locally for the same skill, it is better to outsource your talent to the Philippines and save money!

  1. The Country has a Booming BPO industry with Government Support

The Philippines has a booming BPO industry with government support. It’s been one of the critical drivers of its economic growth in recent years. The government has invested heavily in this sector. It is now one of the world’s largest providers of business process outsourcing services, accounting for about 10% of GDP and employing 1 in 12 Filipinos.

Moreover, it is also an attractive destination for foreign investors, steadily growing.

In Summary

Outsourcing in the Philippines can be a great move to help your business. The numerous benefits will surely give you a boost and assist you in time of need. It has proven results with positive outcomes, and the Philippine Outsourcing industry is doing well. Overall, the advantages overthrow any risk you are putting up with.

Just make sure you hire a great outsourcing partner, and you will surely succeed with your venture!

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