Reasons Why Canned Food Is Cheaper Than Fresh Food

With the global population growing, so does the need for food, which leads to alternative food options. People get nutrition from various sources to match their lifestyles, beliefs, and preferences.

Canning is a viable solution for obtaining specific ingredients from different regions of the world, but there are more uses for this process. The reasons why canned food is cheaper than fresh food will help you choose which option is best for you.

Peak Season

Most canned fruits and vegetables have a harvest season of around one month before arriving in stores. The peak season for some vegetables creates a surplus that needs to stay fresh for longer, and with higher quantities, companies tend to drop prices to sell them faster. Peak season plays an important role in defining the price of foods because they might not always be available.

Industrial Processes

Farmers use heavy-duty machinery to collect, dice, and store fruits and vegetables that go into cans for longer preservation. Fresh vegetables usually have a shorter lifespan, which is why you must cook and eat them within a week of the harvest. Industrial processes simplify collecting and processing products, lowering prices because labor also requires fewer resources.

Dangerous Preservatives

Most canned foods rely heavily on preservatives to prevent bacteria from growing and developing, which could ruin some products. Canned foods have a longer lifespan, but you must always pay attention to expiration dates to avoid illnesses and health problems. Some preservatives could cause bigger health problems like cancer when consumed regularly and in large portions.

Lower Quality

No matter how good or bad the produce looks, canned fruits and vegetables go through the same process and end up in a can. Canned food is cheaper than fresh food because the process uses every piece without wasting the products that are less presentable. The mix between good and medium qualities evens out with affordable prices.

Aluminum and Steel

Canned food is constantly in contact with materials like aluminum and steel that could contaminate the food inside. There is a reason why dented cans are cheaper. It’s not just because of the presentation but because dented cans can release pieces of aluminum into the food. You can prepare healthy meals from canned foods that will give you good nutrition values, but the added ingredients make canned food riskier.


Dianne Pajo

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