Signs You Need To Terminate Your Waste Disposal Contract

Many businesses sign up for waste disposal contracts because they believe the contracts are easier and more affordable. However, many contracts are full of problems that can end up costing a business money and peace of mind. The following problems are signs you need to terminate your waste disposal contract to save money and restore service satisfaction.

Your Contract Allows for Surprise Price Changes

Most businesses think that signing a waste disposal contract guarantees regular service at an affordable price. Sometimes, this assumption is true. However, many waste management companies will hide the verbiage for price changes within the contract so they can surprise you with random price adjustments once you’ve signed. Because of this, your price could change many times throughout the length of the contract, often forcing you to spend more.

Your Contract Doesn’t Protect You from Bad Service

In addition to allowing for surprise price changes, many waste management contracts are all about you. The contracts don’t mention what happens if the management company messes up and you receive bad service. The combination of price changes with the lack of protection means you could end up paying steep prices for poor service you can’t stop or change. Your business may have to deal with waste management yourself while losing money to an unfair company.

Your Contract Doesn’t Provide the Services You Need

Waste management contracts are typically a year-long, although some can run even longer. Your business’s waste management needs may change during that time. However, those changes aren’t covered in your initial contract, and some waste management companies may refuse to change services because they don’t want to renegotiate a contract. Then you will be wasting money on a service you don’t need, and you may even have to start another contract with a different company to receive the services you do need.

Your Contract Automatically Renews With a Small Termination Window

Once businesses realize they’re no longer benefiting from their waste disposal contracts, they typically choose to terminate them. Some waste management companies recognize that you may feel this way, so they make it nearly impossible to get out of a contract. Instead, the original contract includes an automatic renewal policy with a very small window for termination. They do this with the hope that you’ll miss the termination period and have to renew the contract so they can continue to make easy money. One of the pros of no-contract waste disposal services is that there is no termination window—you can cancel service whenever you want.

If you notice these signs regarding your waste disposal contract, you need to terminate it as soon as possible and find a waste management company that allows for no-contract waste disposal services. No-contract waste disposal services have several pros beyond the lack of a termination window. They also offer more honest pricing for the services you need, meaning you’ll never pay for services you don’t want. You can also cancel the service at any time without issue. The freedom of no-contract service is ideal for most businesses.


Dianne Pajo

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