The Significance of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Its Features

Ecommerce is the marketplace for budding ideas and booming businesses establishing their identities online. Several software applications are gaining popularity in being home to these booming online businesses. 

Many software has established a reputation in this global market. However, after the takeover of the market by Salesforce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the new beholder of successful eCommerce startups. Read how this has revolutionized the maintenance of these businesses. 

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Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

Here are the benefits of the Salesforce Commerce Clouds that drive the attention of the budding users towards itself. The key benefits that this software holds are:

  • Effective management of the databases, order, and supply lists, orders, transactions, and inventory, 
  • Inbuilt merchandising abilities to monitor the essential principles like logistics, search settings, SEO, base sorting, and promotions
  • The features of internalizing (making everything available in the native language and currency)
  • Robust management of the orders and endless tasks to do. 
  • Inbuilt templates and merchandising ages to ease the solutions

This software has string native merchandising features,

Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud 

The features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are attractive enough to make them stand out from many other business solutions. Read the features of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud that incorporate high-quality benefits to any eCommerce website.

 1. Mobile-friendly Interface 

The number of mobile users in the world has exceeded that of the other device users. This is a clear indication of the necessity to make websites and platforms that run efficiently with mobiles.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is application software that runs excellently with mobiles. This is the first and foremost feature that affects the overall development of your business.

 2. Efficient Merchandising And Catalog Management 

Any online business needs a tool to manage the merchandise as well as to manage the catalogs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes sure you get it all in the form of these features: 

  • Advanced merchandising in a visual manner 
  • The feature to schedule new tasks and publishing of new products.
  • Support for multiple catalogs like master products, optional products, grouped products, variations, and bundled products. 
  • Campaign management – scheduling of the campaign, customer groups, offering coupons, product shipping, promotions, and order levels.
  • Personalization of the various layers across various platforms. 

3. Internationalisation  

The ability of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform enables the users to set up multiple storefronts and manage them from a single platform. It is a multi-currency, multi-brand, and multi-language process.

It also helps in tracking the important details of the product such as the product ID, pricing, availability, billing aspects, and payment methods. 

4. The Availability Of Omnichannel Responsibilities Management Feature 

You can manage every single and important piece of your business like order management, offline store, and eCommerce under one umbrella. All thanks to this SAAS platform allowing the functioning of multiple businesses from one stop.

Along with the management, it helps in the operation, fulfillment, sales, and inventory management. It has an interface that allows business owners to manage the orders efficiently. It also offers flexible options for purchasing, picking up from the store, and shipping from the store.

5. Collection Of The Customers’ Information With Their Consent

With the help of Einstein, Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps in the accumulation of the insights of the shoppers. It is necessary to recommend the items based on personalizations. It also offers 1:1 machine learning and 1:1 personalization that allows advanced search, recommendations of the product, and addition of a layer to the merchandising.

6. The 24*7 Salesforce Commerce Cloud Support

Apart from all the features offering all the management features, inventory management, and order management, order shipping, in-store pickup, and delivery, Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers 24*7 customer care support.

A customer could complain against the core issues and issues related to that upgrading. Also, these are the features of the customer care support: 

  • Rule-based and page based redirection
  • Flexible management of the SEO
  • Strong merchandising capabilities 
  • Machine learning and manual product recommendations 
  • Email management in a comprehensive manner and customer segmentation in an advanced manner. 
  • The availability of platform-level integrations makes it a robust platform. 

Overall, this platform is an efficient way to manage the versatile aspects of your online store and shopping business.


If you are a Salesforce commerce cloud developer, you know how this newly developed platform has been helping the customers. The benefits and features of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform and the features have been shared in this write-up.

As an online business owner, you can take the advantage of the features like flexible SEO management, order tracking, and everything else. The development of AI named Einstein helps in the tracking of the customer’s shopping insights and recommend the items based on their prior shopping insights. 


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