The rules, regulations, and requirements in healthcare are changing and getting more complicated as we speak. This has prompted many small business entrepreneurs to think out of the box and create new trends for health insurance requirements for their business. We have analyzed some of the innovative methods used in 2019 and have listed the top trends that you should check out.

Adding Supplemental Benefits

The concept of health insurance is not going to create the hype that it used to, a decade ago. Today, employers need a holistic cover. This is where the supplemental benefits come in handy. Top supplemental benefits to add to your health insurance plan are long-term care, disability care, dental, vision, accident coverage, life insurance and so on. According to a study conducted by The Guardian, there is a 30% increase in the number of small businesses that choose insurance options along with supplemental benefits since 2015. The number is said to increase geometrically in the upcoming years.

These supplemental benefits help in covering some specific needs of customers and thereby increasing job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention. From the employer’s point of view, this helps in reducing compensation claims and creating a healthy work environment. Not all supplemental benefits would suit your insurance needs. Thus, choose accordingly.

Wellness Coverage

While people are running around to get the best health insurance NY small business options at affordable payment, most of the employers forget to see the big picture. A healthy workforce would eventually reduce premium payments. This is why; many businesses have initiated workplace wellness programs. According to a survey conducted by Aflac Workforces Report, there is a 30% increase in the number of companies initiating wellness programs for their employees, since 212. This helps in keeping your employees sound and strong. This, in turn, would create a lively and productive workforce and also reduce premiums, the total cost of claims and so on.

Virtual Care

Times are changing and everything has become better with high-speed internet. This includes the medical field too. The number of people seeking telemedicine consultation and virtual health care is increasing in New York and other growing cities. According to the National Business Group on Health’s reports, 56% of the companies in their survey offers telemedicine service and offers health insurance NY small business to their employees, which covers telemedicine.

Is the term telemedicine new to you? This is a form of healthcare, where patients can meet with a doctor, get consultation, opinions and even have a visual check-up via smartphone or computer. This allows employees to save time and money. From an employers’ point of view, the number of sick leaves gets reduced as employees do not have to take a day off to meet with a doctor for a routine check-up or simple consultation.

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Non-Paper Health Insurance

As mentioned before, technology is growing. According to Guardian Study, a little more than 50% of their sample population of companies has moved on to web-based health insurance, which provides digital solutions. With such non-paper health insurance NY small business options, the employers can post medical claims through the web, digitalize records of healthcare and others. This helps to reduce the time taken for claiming medical costs, reduce manual error and so on.

The year 2018 saw huge changes in regulations and requirements of health insurance for small businesses. In 2019, many pending bills might be passed. Thus, the companies have to be upgrading their policies to comply with federal regulations. Those who fail to comply would be charged with heavy fines and other problems. Thus, some companies are trying to outsource the health insurance problem to a professional firm, which takes care of choosing, providing, managing and updating the health insurance. This gives peace of mind to the entrepreneurs to focus on their business.

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