Using Enterprise NBN for Your Business: What You Need to Know

The telecommunications world is changing rapidly, and businesses need to cope with the changing times. Gone are the days of sending business correspondence to transact business transactions, even the email, as a way of transacting with other businesses and clients, is dwindling. The once ubiquitous practice of emailing others as a means of business communications is rapidly decreasing. This has something to do with the lag time from accessing the email, scanning the email list, discarding the spam mails, and finally tracing the specific email crucial for your business.

With the spawning of business-grade communication tools, like Microsoft Teams and others, there is a need for a robust internet connection to keep up with these new business collaboration tools.

It is a good thing that there is an NBN service currently in Australia that can provide a faster and reliable internet connection. To date, Australia is still using ADSL and ADSL2+, and many are still relying on this platform to offer internet connections for home, school, and businesses. But with the advent of NBN technology coming to Australia’s shores, many will now reap the benefits of switching to a service that is considered the best after undergoing the NBN speed test in Australia.

Hence, there are many benefits of using Enterprise NBN for your business.

Here are five of the notable advantages of using Enterprise NBN, to wit:

  1. High-Speed Internet Connection

Since speed is the name of the game, when it comes to business-grade internet service, NBN has a theoretical download speed of up to 100Mbps – which is four times faster than ADSL2+. That is NBN’s maximum speed compared to ADSL2+ that only has a speed of up to 24Mbps. To put it in perspective, anyone can download any movie from the internet in a matter of seconds or a minute.

  1. NBN Has A Large Number Of Points Of Interconnect (POI)

The Point of Interconnect is the crucial link between the NBN network and Broadband. The plan to only have 14 POI, but this may result in lower speeds, less connectivity, and more friction in the network. It is now expanded to 121 POIs. This meant that many could expect continuous uptime, reliability, connectivity, and speed in Australia. The number of POI depends on what state you are in. NSW has 41 POI, which is the most, and NT has only one.

  1. Increase Online Presence

Among the benefits connected to high-speed internet is having a faster engagement with clients and business partners. This means being visible in social media and email campaigns. This will give an equal opportunity to small enterprises and even those situated in a remote areas because they now have access to fast and reliable internet. Before, slow internet was detrimental to any remote business owners. Now they can be seen via their website, forums, and social.

  1. Greater National And Global Connections

With B2B connection advancing due to high-speed internet connection, NBN has leveled up businesses reach; now, companies can go global. There will be no buffering, hanging, or lost connection thanks to the NBN broadband connection when you are engaged in teleconferencing, internet calls, and other VoIP communications. This will also help in the B2C connection.

  1. Elevate The Working Condition

With better and more robust connections, everybody can enjoy high-quality video calls that are best suited for business applications. This serves a crucial role, particularly in these trying times, and there is a pandemic that is threatening everyone in all four corners of the world. Having a fast internet connection can lead to better healthcare service.

As a simple interaction with others who are not part of our household proves fatal, calling healthcare professionals, particularly doctors via the internet, is crucial. With these new face-to-face consultations, doctors can assess their patients. The better connection can also allow tie-ups or access to pharmaceuticals for those emergency medicine purchases. Now we can track the movement of our delivery, which is vital for medicine acquisitions. NBN as a business can be considered a sunshine industry due to its fast growth, plus the trend seems to be in its favor.

Business predictions from research commissioned by NBN and conducted by AlphaBeta indicate that, once NBN has complete rollout, there will be countless NBN benefits for many companies that choose this route for their businesses.

As a sunshine industry, many business opportunities will follow. This will lead to thousands of job creation and enhanced business productivity, which can boost Australia’s GDP.

The same prediction forecasted that it could creation of 148,000 Australian jobs. Also, worth noting is NBN’s contribution to Australia’s recent history. Currently, the NBN project is Australia’s largest infrastructure project in the country’s history.

The replacement of the existing copper wires with modern broadband optical-fiber cables is a big undertaking. These copper wires are in the state of deteriorating and, needless to say, are outdated.

The replacement project is estimated to cost $51 billion. As mentioned earlier, the whole of Australia has 121 Points of Interconnection (POI). Judging from the enthusiasm of both the private and public sectors in the project, everybody is in cahoots that this is a good investment for the future moving forward. So, this is why everybody put their best foot forward in this enterprise. To be specific, Enterprise NBN.


Ashley Halcomb

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