What Is the Actual Work Of Personal Management?

Human resources management is the effective control, control, and management of employees to achieve corporate objectives. Human resource management has four main purposes.

Four Objectives of HR Management

  • Efficiently secure the personal necessary for company management
  • Deploy human resources in appropriate positions so that employees can exercise their full potential
  • Improve human resource capacity through education
  • Revitalize human resources through optimal treatment
  • The HR management system can perform this HR management on the system. The special feature of the personal management system is that various information can be centrally managed. By being able to centrally manage, it is possible to conduct multi-faceted analysis and discover previously unknown trends.
  • Human resources management can be broadly divided into five management items.

Human Resource Management

  • personal assessment
  • Employment information
  • Staffing
  • Human resource development
  • Motivation (employee condition)
  • The HR management system can centrally manage these items. By linking each other’s information, you can discover trends that could not be grasped when each item was managed separately. Introduce what each is managing.

Personal Assessment

In recent years, personal evaluation is determined based on “results”, “ability”, “humanity”, etc.which will affect future work contents and personal allocation.

Attention is also being paid to evaluation methods such as 360-degree evaluation, in which surrounding employees evaluate the employee’s personality.

It can be said that objective evaluation is required rather than an evaluation based on the senses and experience of the human resources department or boss.

By accumulating such personal evaluations, not spot data, it is possible to visualize the growth of each employee.

Employment Information

It is also important to manage the process from job applicant application to recruitment as recruitment information. By accumulating data on job seekers that have been employed in the past so far, the trend was analyzed, and  This job seeker is similar in tendency to job seekers who have declined before, so there are many interviews This can be used to prevent undecided withdrawals such as “Let ’s enter” and to build a selection flow that suits each person.personal management system

If you can connect with employee data after joining the company, you will know what kind of people you hire and how much you are likely to grow. This also makes it possible to optimize recruiting activities.

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Depending on the staffing, employee performance and productivity will change. Also, if the assigned department and the work to be done do not match, there is a possibility that it will lead to job separation, so optimizing the personal allocation is an important issue for companies.

personal placement is determined based not only on grades, work attitudes, and skills but also on personality. If data on past personal assignments have been accumulated, “If you can get results in this department, it would be better to have a close experience in the next department to improve the skills of this member. ” You can think of better staffing.

Human Resource Development

Although they can acquire in daily work, knowledge, and experience outside the work are also necessary for employees to become higher performers.

personal management system

In human resource development, if we can provide training and growth programs tailored to the current challenges of each employee and the tasks that will be entrusted in the future, the ability of employees will improve dramatically.

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Motivation Management

The purpose of motivation management is to collect and accumulate employee motivation data and keep employee conditions healthy. The data analysis or follow-up is useful in carrying out various measures. As a result, it leads to productivity improvement and prevention of job separation.

Motivation management is directly linked to the employee’s organizational engagement and can be an indicator of whether the organization is healthy or unhealthy. Nowadays there are a number of personality development classes and personality development courses were available online through that you can get more knowledge about personal management.



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