5 Best Investment Platforms to Look for in 2019

Stock market, ETF's, Gold Investment, Mutual Funds & Savings Account plays a key role in Making Smart Investments.

People are more into ‘money making” these days and it governs us in every aspect of life.  It defines our comfort of living from building dream houses and owning fancy cars, and a huge chunk of bank deposits to back us up with all our desires. So it becomes more obvious that earning money has become the prime goal of the majority of people across the world.

The more common way of making money involves working, or running a business all by yourself, though it might sound inevitable, there are also other possible ways that proves making money to be much simple and easier one. But however, it requires a certain skill to find the right platform to be successful. This involves the idea of investing. Though many would have heard of such practice for a long time it becomes essential to get to know it better before getting all fired up. So below are the 5 best investment platforms in 2019 available to make smart money without involving great hassles.

Investment Basics

The simple way to get started is to know the end goal of the investment and where to invest. In general, the idea of investment often comprises of buying a certain share on a company or a commodity. Here the investment is completely based on the belief that the company shares will grow over time resulting in better high returns. Well, Such an investment scheme is a” No-Joke”. So, one must do the homework to get to know the complete graph of the company or the commodity to make a better decision.5 best investment platforms in 2019

Always remember running blind in investing will get you now where. Always do the homework! Speaking of which the investment always doesn’t have to be huge! It could be any amount of decent money that you would like to give a test drive!

Getting Into Some Real Ideas

Following are some of the most common investment ideas that when done correctly could make you rich in no time!

1) Stock Market

Many would have come across such term on a regular basis and chose to ignore it anyway thinking that it might not suit them.  Well if you are one of them it is time you learn the truth. Yes, the stock market involves quite a risk on its own but remembers there are still people out there making a great profit. All it ever takes is analyzing market trends and making the smart choice.5 best investment platforms in 2019

According to David Henderson a Colorado-based financial advisor it is wiser to buy few shares when the market is high. And when the market is low it is smarter to buy more shares. Bu this way one could have lower average share price making it be more of a beneficial one.

2) Try Investment Bonds

As the name suggests one could lend his/ her money to an organization or the government by buying an investment bond. Here the Corresponding borrower will pay the interest for the money making it an easy income method. This is “safer” when compared to the stock market investments. But apparently, the income rate is also low as well.

3) Mutual Funds

Placing all your money on one particular investment asset is quite risky. So it is better to look for alternates that provide better returns with the lesser risk involved.  This includes Mutual Funds and Exchange-traded Funds (ETF) where the investment is diversified on a large number of assets. Regardless of the size of your investment, you will get to enjoy the income without the risk of losing Big.5 best investment platforms in 2019

There are even ETF’s available that involves international equities, real estates, commodities and etc.

Are you familiar with the New York Stock Exchange? It has listed the Cryptocurrency ETF’s.  So, one could even invest in such digital Decentralised currency soon.

4) Savings Account

One of the safest ways to invest is to deposit the money in the Savings account in the banks. This generates a certain interest depending on the capital amount. As mentioned earlier, lower the risk, lower the income. So this best suits people who are so worried about the investments risks out there.

5) Buy Gold or Silver

Buying Gold or silver commodities have proved to be a great way to invest money. Given the current market conditions, this is one of the most profitable ways to make a good return.

But it is also important that you buy these precious metals from reliable buyers to get the best quality.5 best investment platforms in 2019

Well, there are also other factors that need to be considered when planning on investing in metals. This includes

  • Setting objectives (Long & Short term) – it helps in making the best effective investment strategy to stick too rather wasting time.
  • Don’t over commit – Invest only as much as you can afford. Going overboard could get you in real trouble. Making small investments would be the smart move here.
  • Aim to hold 10 to 15 % of your investment on these precious metals. This, in turn, Increase the degree of diversification to make safe investments.
  • As these are long term investments don’t bother yourself with day to day updates. Just sit back and enjoy the show!!

From all of the above mentioned 5 best investment platforms in 2019, one could choose the ones that best meet all your investment needs.



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