#MetaHash Cryptocurrency platform for Decentralized Apps & Services!

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the modern business industry. Many have started adoring them for their unique features and have also started using them on a regular basis. It is no surprise that it is surely becoming an effective replacement for the existing monetary practices. It is more evidently used among the business people as these new digital newbies ensure more secure and easy business transactions. The idea of these modern digital currencies has been around us for almost a decade; people are getting into the idea more in recent times. Though many thought this idea of decentralized currency would be a joke, it turns out to be a modern wonder of all time. Though one could plenty of modern resources available telling us what are these currencies exactly, this article is yet to take a leap into a better understanding of modern trends in #MetaHash Cryptocurrency.

As technology begins to pick up its pace, it is essential for all the modern tools to follow the same. Because the modern business industry has made it be a never-ending race and nobody wants to lose. To do so one must be right on the track with a suitable tool to pursue the journey to success.

In the case of Cryptocurrency, it sure does a wonderful job in the market, but not everyone feels the same. Some tend to look for a more efficient operation that could get their work done early. This refers to the increased speed of operation and the effectiveness of handling data. This brings us to the idea of #MetaHash a modern state-of-the-art blockchain 4.0 protocol that makes other Cryptocurrency transactions look like outdated ones.#MetaHash Cryptocurrency

What Is #MetaHash?

#MetaHash is a fully decentralized next-generation, blockchain environment that runs on blockchain 4.0 protocols. It provides a more self-sustaining environment that reduces the time lags in Cryptocurrency transactions. Sounds great, isn’t it?  Well truly it is, the modern business industry is all about the smart way of getting the work done as quickly as possible without involving many efforts!

Even though one could find many modern sources that claim to such a fact it is the careful evaluation and the results that draw the end result. Following is some of the best-detailed information about the #MetaHash and its method of operation. I hope it provides a better idea of what this Blockchain 4.0 protocol is capable of!

#MetaHash is officially recognized as the Utility Token along with the Payment facilities. It is the first of its kind (Cryptocurrency) to be provided with such features.

This Utility Token is nothing but an improved platform that provides Digital access to the real-time application or service.

Such a modern approach is the step towards technological advancement into the digital era.#MetaHash Cryptocurrency

Components of #MetaHash System:

#MetaHash is a modern environment that many haven’t got used to (even the business people) so it is better to have a glance at its factors to get a sound knowledge on the topic. Following is the list of four important components that make the #MetaHash Cryptocurrency be the fastest one than its other competitive Cryptocurrency platforms. This includes,

  1. #Trace Chain
  2. #MetaApps
  3. #MetaGate
  4. #MetaHashCoin (#MHC)

1) #Trace Chain:

  • It is the fastest and the most secure Blockchain in the history of mining.
  • It can handle 100,000 transactions per second on each blockchain node.
  • Today there are over 5 billion transactions are carried out every day
  • Its speed and accuracy is impeccable all it takes is only about 3 seconds per transaction
  • It involves five stages of Consensus for verification. (Making it more secure)

How Does It Work?

  • Transactions begin from the outer radius and moves toward the inner core with the fastest route
  • And during the process, a transaction is approved at each stage
  • As they make use of the fastest route, the fastest nodes in the network synchronize their transactions between themselves
  • Once the process reached the core, it returns the balance value to the wallet that verifies the correctness of the total transactions made.
  • Hash or anchors from the longest chain in the blocks are stored in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other networks as well.

2) #MetaApps:

Programmed applications are more widely used among people every day to carry out their day-to-day tasks.  All of these applications could be easily hacked which questions their reliability. But it is not the case with the modern Meta Apps, these are independent programs and they operate on decentralized platforms providing smart contracts function ability enabling easy services. The most interesting fact is that does not belong to anyone and cannot be tampered with so easily by any of the cyber threats. This ensures well-protected data transfers and services making it the perfect choice for modern Cryptocurrency transactions.#MetaHash Cryptocurrency


  • It looks and works just like the Normal web applications with improved security features which is more obvious.
  • It is written in C++, PHP, and other common languages that are in practice today.
  • It handles smart contracts in a more sophisticated way and could operate on any blockchain operations or with simple data on the internet as well.

3) #MetaGate:

It is an open-source program that acts as a Multi-Asset digital wallet. It is more readily available which makes it easy for the developers to add it to their codes and browsers.

It also provides the facility called the “Light mode” that helps the user to check and store (private keys) the information from the different sources from the different blockchain nodes in the decentralized network. This could be done only by the user thus ensures improved security features and reduces the complete possibilities of data theft or loss.

It contains the catalog of all the decentralized applications and browsers enabling easy access when needed.

4) #MetaHashCoin (#MHC):

  • As this MetaHash involves a completely new level of blockchain transactions it makes use of their self-developed currency called the #MetaHashCoin which could be termed as #MHC.
  • It is new in the family of digital currencies and surely an impressive than the rest.
  • It provides easy and effective transactions with assured safety.
  • Therefore it is used in making the desired payment under various circumstances.
  • The instant and reliable transaction needs to make use of #MHC.
  • Applications payments that involve storing data but lack good speed can make good use of MHC. This involves Smart contracts and any decentralized applications as well.
  • Payments to the public addresses listed on the #MetaApps and the advertising sources in the #MetaGate wallet.

#MetaHash Cryptocurrency is surely an outstanding platform that proves it effective operation in terms of numerous factors such as the Total number of possible transactions and the individual transaction approval time along with the level of decentralization.

The following table of content will provide you the precise information to gain a clear idea of all the above-mentioned factors


Transaction approval timeNo of Transactions/secondDecentralization level



up to 12



15 secondsup to 30



5 secondsfrom 1000 to millions


#MetaHash3 Seconds50,000 to millions


Thus it is clear that this new digital monster is sure to revolutionize the business sectors for real in the upcoming days.



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