10 Health Benefits Of Hot Water

Why Is Drinking Hot So Important?

We might not be used to drinking hot water unless it is cold when we do because it allows us to warm up. However, more than half of the countries of the world (particularly in Asia and on the African continent) drink hot water regularly when the temperatures are already quite high. But what influence does hot water hydration have on our body?

First of all, when the water is consumed hot, it is often in the form of tea, infusion teas, and others … the main goal is to hydrate while varying the pleasures but not only. These drinks also contain nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and other active ingredients that are good for our health.

Drinking hot water is not just hydrating; it is hydration with multiple effects.

Hot Drinks In Hot Countries

Mint tea is a flagship drink in Maghreb and Saharan Africa although temperatures are among the highest in the world. In Asia and South America, the most consumed hot drinks are still based on tea or other plants that are good to consume with hot water. Even at home, in Europe, in the early 20th century, broths, teas, and infusions were very popular both in summer and winter.

Hot Water Actions

Hot water has several functions and in particular on the elements that accompany it:

  • It allows better extraction of the components found in tea, infusion, etc.
  • It allows better assimilation of these components into the body.

Be careful, however, it is important to pay attention to the notion of hot! The temperature to which the water is heated is essential as some components are destroyed above certain temperatures. Vitamin C is destroyed at over 60 ° C, the aromas are also destroyed between 80 ° C and 100 ° C depending on the variety.

Too high a temperature is also bad for our mouth because the water that is too hot destroys the taste buds of the tongue.

Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

The effects of hot water don’t stop at the elements that make up our favorite drinks. Our body also reacts to it. Here we invite you to discover some of the benefits:

In summer, it cools you down!

As surprising as it may seem, hot water is better for cooling you, when you drink a hot drink, it is your body’s sweat mechanism, already in action due to the outside temperature, which is accentuated. The principle of sweating is to refresh the body, which is why after having consumed a hot drink, the feeling of freshness is better than after having drunk a glass of very cold water.

But how can it cool you down? It is the tongue and the brain that are responsible for it. The receptors in charge of the perception of heat are directly stimulated after the consumption of a hot drink and it is at this time that the brain sends the signal for cooling the body, sweating.

  1. In Winter, It Warms Up But Not Only …

In fact, in winter, hot drinks help maintain a good body temperature when the temperatures are cold. In addition to warming you up, the nutrients that make up tea, herbal teas, and infusions are much better absorbed and therefore contribute to better well-being.

  1. Helps Fight Against Cold Symptoms

Hot drinks are a good remedy when you catch a cold. It acts directly on discharge from the nose, throat pain, cough, and fatigue.

  1. It Improves Blood Circulation And The Nervous System

The heat of the water will help relax the blood vessels as well as the muscles. The blood flow is smoother and oxygen can circulate better while toxins will be ejected from the body more quickly. Good blood circulation is essential for maintaining good health and promoting its proper functioning can prevent circulation-related health problems such as cramps, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease.

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  1. Maintains Skin Texture

Drinking hot water is good for the pores of our skin. While drinking a drink hot, our body will produce perspiration which will free the pores of the skin, ejected toxins which has the effect of absorbing acne breakouts. Drinking hot daily offers effects similar to steam baths and is much more practical.

  1. Hair Health

Hot water is good for the hair, not just in the shower, even with hot drinks the benefits apply. Consuming it revitalizes the hair by stimulating the roots, growth is also accelerated.

  1. A Fat Burner

Drinking hot water, and particularly on an empty stomach, has a very effective effect on the metabolism, it is accelerated and allows more calories to be burned. You can combine your hot water with lemon juice for even better results, the lemon being a good action on the breakdown of fat.

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  1. It Acts Against Premature Aging

As we have seen before, hot water is particularly effective in maintaining the skin. Not only does it maintain it but it also helps it to regenerate itself. Drinking hot water increases the elasticity of epidermal cells for sharper, smoother skin.

  1. It Improves Digestion

Filtering water without being hot already has benefits for our body, but hot, the benefits are even better. This is because hot water helps break down food more quickly. Drinking hot water before or after a meal makes digestion faster and easier.

  1. Helps Relieve Period Pain

The heat of the water, as for the blood circulation allows to calm the muscles of the abdomen and thus come to relieve the pains and the contractions related to the rules.

These are some of the benefits of consuming hot water. If you know more, we would love to know them!

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Sunil Trivedi

Sunil Trivedi is the Managing Director of Aqua Drink. With 15 years of experience in the water purification industry, Sunil and his team have been ensuring that his clients consume 100% potable water to lead a healthy life and keep water-borne diseases miles away.

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