10 Pieces of Advice from the Dentist to Restore Your Oral Health Forever

Your oral health is an asset to be treasured for a lifetime. Your smile is the first thing that is noticed by the onlookers and hence it plays a crucial role in creating a solid first impression. Naturally, it also assists in boosting your level of confidence.

This goes without saying that you have to try and retain your oral health in the best way possible. Your teeth are, afterall, one of the greatest facial aspects that can assist you to talk and eat apart from creating a great a first impression.

Not only that, but your oral health also has a massive impact on your overall health as the mouth is the entryway into the body. Here are certain simple ways that dentists suggest for the upkeep of your oral health. Just take a look.

Brush at least Twice a Day

You should brush the teeth at least twice a day with the fluoride toothpaste for at least a couple of minutes. You can also go for an improved care regime and brush after every snack and meal. If you are not able to brush you should at least try to rinse the mouth well with water.

Start Early with the Children’s Oral Care

Despite the great advancements in the prevention of decay, research reveals that one in every 4 kids develops the symptoms of the cavities. In fact, almost 50 percent of the kids aged between the ages of 12-15 years have cavities. To prevent this, the child should be taken for oral care as soon as the first tooth appears or around the age of 1 year. Before that, a damp cloth can be used for wiping off the child’s teeth. You can let the kids try brushing all by themselves by the time they are 2 years old although it is crucial to supervise.

Floss Daily

No matter how expertly you can brush, there are areas of the mouth that you just cannot get access to. The flossing assists in removing the plaque and the food below the gum line and between the teeth. It takes about 24 hours for the bacteria to create the plaque. That is why flossing is quite helpful for preventing the process. But see to it that you don’t floss more than once in every 24 hours as your gums can be irritated otherwise.

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Go for Tooth-healthy Foods

There are foods that are good for the teeth. There are in fact, things that you must have more and things that you should avoid in order to cater to your pearly whites. The foods that are great for the teeth include fresh fruits, dairy products like cheese and crunchy veggies. The sugar-free gums along with the unsweetened foods can also help you to maintain your smile.

Go for Sealing Off the Germs Away

Around the age of 6, the permanent molars emerge. Sealants are the thin protective layers which are applied on the chewing surfaces of the rear portions of the teeth. They can do away with the decay in the fissures and the pits. The sealants are capable of reducing the carries massively. You should consult with your dental professional regarding this.

Limit the Acidic Drinks like the Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices

The food acids can soften the materials of the tooth and dissolve the minerals in the enamel of the tooth. It can cause caries or cavities or holes and the teeth can be eaten right gradually and reduced to the gums. So avoid the sodas, fruit juices, soft drinks, and caffeinated drinks as much as possible.

Use Mouthwash apart from Brushing and Flossing

The mouthwashes contain chlorine dioxide or Listerine are very helpful as they can assist to kill and maintain the bacteria in the mouth.

Don’t Use Too Much Fluoride

Fluoride is one of the biggest advancements in your caring for the oral health. It can strengthen the enamel which can make it less likely to decay. These days fluoridated water is available almost everywhere. You should drink more of that. Many types of mouthwash and kinds of toothpaste also contain fluoride. But for kids, you should use no more than a pea-sized amount of fluoride. Excessive fluoride can give rise to white spots on the tongue.

Clean the Tongue

You should clean the tongue surface on a daily basis. You can clean countless bacteria with the help of a professional tongue cleaner. You should use a professional tongue cleaner which is particularly the case with the rougher top surface of the tongue.

Consult With the Dentist

Even if you follow the above instructions you should ensure that you consult with a top dentist in Bushwick at least twice a year who can make specific recommendations for you and detect any problem lurking in your mouth before it takes an ugly turn. This way you can restore your oral health and can also avoid expensive and invasive treatments.

By following the above you can retain your oral health for years together without making a dent in your pocket.

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