7 Easy & Fun Eye Exercises for Correcting Astigmatism Vision

Astigmatism is a refractive error where your corneas are not able to focus correctly and can’t process lights. This happens because the curvature of your eye’s cornea is not ideally round. We are providing details of how to perform 7 eye exercises for Astigmatism. It would be best if you try these astigmatism exercises before approaching your eye doctor for medical treatment. In many cases, these eye exercises cure astigmatism vision entirely or up to a greater extent.

1. Movements of Thumb

Take your thumb in the front of your eyes parallel to your nose. Keep it at a 10 cm distance and watch it throughout this exercise. First, slowly move the thumb up straight at an angle of 12 ‘o’clock. Now bring it back to its original position. Now keep moving your thumb up and down at a clockwise angle like 1, 2, 3, and so on. Afterward, do it anti-clockwise. Breathe slowly when you move your thumb up and when you bring it back.

2. Tibetan Circle

You need to arrange a Tibetan chart for this astigmatism exercise. It is a circular chart with lines and patterns coming out of a center. Keep this chart at a distance of 2-10 cm from your eyes. Now start moving your eyes from the center of the chart to the end of each line. Repeat this process clockwise and anti-clockwise. Remember to take a 2-second break once you reach the endpoint of every movement.

3. Imagining Sphere

Imagine a rubber sphere is situated in your right eye. Now visualize clenching the sphere with your fingers from all the sides to change its shape into an oval. The sphere will come to its original position as soon as you lose your grip. Repeat this visualization multiple times.

4. Eye Massage

This is one of the simplest eye exercises for astigmatism. First, put two fingers on each of your closed eyelids. Then, move your fingers in a circular motion while giving gentle pressure. Make these circular motions at least 10-15 times in one go. This exercise will take only a minute of your time.

5. Changing Focus While Reading

This one’s for the bookworms over there! Take a book and a playing card. Open the book to read and place the playing card on its side. After reading a paragraph, shift your focus on the playing card for a minute. Do this again and again for at least 10 minutes. Don’t forget to wear your corrective lenses while performing this astigmatism exercise.

6. Keep a Check on Head Tilting

To tilt the head becomes a habit of a person suffering from astigmatism vision. It happens because when the irregular cornea obstructs vision, the human body tries to compensate for that by changing perspective. So stop yourself forcefully when you find yourself tilting your head. It won’t be easy in the beginning. But it will train your eye muscles to see straight.

7. Practice Peripheral Vision

Take a thick paper. It should be long enough to cover the front view of your eyes. Wear your corrective lenses and attach the paper to your forehead using tape. Now you can only see from the corners of your eyes. Next, raise your hand in the right and left direction one by one. Try to see your hand and each of its fingers through your peripheral vision. This activity will strengthen your eye muscles.

Wrapping Up! 

Do these exercises a few times a day, and you can cure your astigmatism vision all by yourself. Of course, it may take days or weeks, but it’s worth a try. These eye exercises for astigmatism can save you from the lifelong hassle of eyeglasses or going through eye surgery.

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Aaron Barriga

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