Alone in the Crowd: The Why and How of Introverts

What Makes Introverts So Special?

Introverts are often considered to be the ones who are excessively shy when they step into the social sphere. There is also an understanding that introverts are narrow-minded bundles and that is why they tend to stay away from society. If you take time to look into the issue closer, you will get to know that all these projections of introverts are dogmatic. Now, this piece of writing is no attempt to sing the praise of one set of people while going against the other. It is rather a sensible approach towards disclosing who the introverts are. Well, you may consider it a sort of friendly disclaimer if you want to.

Now, what makes introverts so special? There is one reason as strong as a rock, and that is, they deserve to be understood and respected. Every time you look down at an introvert, you look down at yourself. Here are a few striking characteristics of the introverts you never know or at least did not notice.

Intense Thinking

Introverts are obsessive thinkers, and such people naturally speak less. They never run short of thoughts, usually much deeper ones. Now, it does not denote that they are philosophical or saintly but simple ideas out of the box. To put it otherwise, introvert minds are beautifully weird. They are lovers of originality. Why else do they take pride in what they are? Yes, being an introvert is an introvert’s pride.

Listen and Respond

Good thinkers are good listeners too, and introverts are no exceptions. They are keen on what is happening around them and every minute detail tends to attract their attention. If you are badly in need of someone to listen to you or at least consider what you are up to, introverts could be of help. They know the importance of listening by default. As they have intense listening ability, the comments they make (which are of course rare) are sharp, straightforward, and honest. In every group discussion, the introverts will be the last ones to respond as they take time to listen to what others say, think over them, and then come up with a sensible point.introverts so special

No to Small Talks

In general, introverts hate small talks and gossips like poison. They are mature enough to understand that the small talks are in no way productive and find them extremely irksome. Are you one of those who finds fun in gossiping? Well, an introvert’s idea of fun is entirely different. They find pleasure in subtle jokes. After all, they notice what others don’t.

Secret Keepers

Introverts are good secret keepers. As they are advocates of deep emotion, they do care about and respect the feelings of others. Such people do not let go of secrets smoothly. Once they decide not to let the cat out of the bag, they will never back off. So, a determination is yet another quality of introverts.

Take Leadership

Though introverts find it difficult to gel with individuals, they love taking leadership. For instance, it is a piece of cake for them to address a gathering but not mingle with individuals. In other words, personal communication is not an introvert’s cup of tea. However, mass communication comes in handy. This way, the introverts prove to be brilliant influencers. As per the Huffington Post, the most successful people from Albert Einstein to Barrack Obama and from J.K. Rowling to Emma Watson are introverts.

Think twice before you mock introverts here on. They work in silence, and they will be ahead of you any moment now. What makes introverts so special is their ability to travel with the crowd without getting lost in it.



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