Black Fungus and Its Homoeopathic Treatments 

Black fungus or Mucormycosis is a very rare infection caused due to fungi. It occurs when someone gets exposed to mucor mold that is very commonly found in soil, plants, manure, and decaying fruits and vegetables, and other organic sources. 

“This black fungus is a mold that can be seen everywhere, on our soils, fruits and vegetables, air and even in the nose mucus or other mucus found in the human body,” says Dr. Bhavana, MD Nidanam Homeopathy.

It commonly affects the sinuses that are supposed to be the gateways for the nose, the brain, eyes, and lungs. Black Fungus’s effects on these vital organs can prove to be fatal especially in diabetic and immune-compromised individuals.

It is believed that the fatality rate of mucormycosis is about 50% and may be triggered by overuse of steroids that at present is a commonly used protocol in treating Covid 19 Disease treatment. 

Steroids, no doubt help manage a patient with critical illness and is considered as an emergency drug but it also reduces immunity making a person susceptible to various other infections around us. And that may be a single-handed reason that has to lead to the triggering in cases of mucormycosis or black fungus. 

One more effect of the administration of steroids is it boosts the sugar levels and often creates a pre-diabetic condition in Non-diabetic patients again making them susceptible to the black fungus infection. 

“Diabetes lowers the body immunity and its defense mechanism, which is exploited by Covid and black fungus making body lay exposed to these deadly diseases.’ Says Dr. Bhavana Jain Agarwal. 

Symptoms of Black Fungus

Black fungus infections are not new, we have been encountering this disease for a long but definitely yes, it has emerged big in the Covid Pandemic as one of the complications with many causative theories. For now, let’s focus on symptoms. The symptoms of mucormycosis or black fungus are more localized but let’s see its generalized effect.

Presentation on black fungus on brain and sinuses (rhinocerebralmucormycosis) may show the following symptoms

  1. One-sided swelling on the face. 
  2. Mild to severe headaches
  3. Congestion in nose and sinuses (Typical symptoms of sinusitis)
  4. Moderate to high-grade fever
  5. Eruption of black or dark lesions on nasal septum or inside the upper portion of the mouth that spreads very fast. 

Presentation on black fungus in lungs (pulmonary mucormycosis) may show the following symptoms 

  1. Moderate to high-grade fever
  2. Severe cough
  3. Pain and heaviness in the chest
  4. Breathlessness
  5. Asthma-like symptoms

Presentation on black fungus on the skin (Cutaneous mucormycosis) may show the following symptoms 

  1. Black Rash formation
  2. Blisters and ulcers that turns black
  3. Pain in the localized area
  4. Excessive inflammation and warmth in the affected area
  5. Swellings around the affected area. 

Presentation on black fungus in the digestive tract (gastrointestinal mucormycosis) may show the following symptoms 

  1. Severe abdominal pain
  2. Nausea and vomiting
  3. Decreased appetite
  4. Gastrointestinal bleeding
  5. Severe Bloating in the abdomen 

Disseminated mucormycosis typically occurs in those individuals who are already suffering from some other medical conditions; hence it becomes difficult to understand symptoms that are related to mucormycosis. Individuals who have disseminated infection in the brain may developmental status changes or even lead to coma.


A health pack for mucormycosis or black fungus is formulated keeping in view the activity of black fungus in our body. The combination of various homeopathic remedies not only helps in accelerating the body’s immunity but may also help in inhibiting pathogenic growth. This in turn results in decreasing the risk of any microbial growth in the immune-compromised situation of the body. This health pack is a generalized preventive measure that must be taken in today’s scenario of the Covid Pandemic (pre and post covid situations). This health pack is rich in remedies like Arsenic album, Mercurius, etc, and also some biochemists formulizations that have proven their effectiveness for centuries.


Black bottle – 4 tablets two times a day

Transparent bottle – 4 pills four times a day


Avoid consumption of strong aromatic stimulants like coffee, raw onion, and raw garlic.


This health pack has no known contraindications. Pregnant ladies should take it under medical supervision.


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