Dental Implants – Are They Expensive Or Cost Effective?

“EXPENSIVE”?? Dental implants may cost high but we can’t really call them expensive. Though getting a dental implant placed might feel like a hole being burnt in the pocket, but the benefits clearly justify their costs

What Makes Them So Special?

Just as no two people can have the same fingerprints, the dental implant needs also vary from person to person. But we may still be able to give an approximate cost. If you are someone living in Europe or the United States of America, then a single tooth dental implant may cost you anything ranging from $1500 to $6000.  The cost for multiple teeth implants is even higher ranging from $3000 to $30,000. As I said earlier, this cost may vary from patient to patient because no two cases are the same.

These exorbitant costs have led people towards dental tourism in Asian countries like India. India is the best option because of the high-quality treatment provided by experts at a very reasonable cost. Here in India, the cost of a dental implant may range from $300 to $450 for a single tooth implant. Thus, it provides equal opportunity to every common man to avail the best treatment possible.Dental implants

Why Do Dental Implants Cost So High?

First of all, one needs to understand that a dental implant is not just a simple piece of metal put into the mouth. The tools implant kits, and materials are fabricated with high precision, maintaining best quality possible, in a sterile environment. All these will cost high. Titanium is a very pure form, is molded to shape like an implant. The abutments over which crowns are placed are prepared with CAD-CAM that adds up the cost.

Another factor that contributes to the cost of dental implants is the cost of the dentist’s skills and the cost of expertise required to create a customized crown for every specific implant. It takes a lot of hard work, years of study and practice for a dental clinician to be good enough to put an implant into the jaw bone. More so, the crowns that replace natural teeth also require expert precision.Dental implants

Why Are Implants Better Than the Cheaper Option – Dental Bridges?

Conventionally, dental bridges were the only available option for teeth replacement in fixed form. With the advent of dental implants, the scenario changed completely. Dental bridges require a dentist to prepare the natural teeth adjacent to the edentulous space. This means, that the healthy teeth adjacent to the missing tooth space need to be cut in order to make a space for the crown. This leads to the weakening of healthy natural teeth.

Thus, dental implants provide fixed replacement of the missing teeth without disturbing the harmony of surrounding teeth. It also prevents bone loss from the areas of tooth extraction. Gingival health is also adequately maintained by the implant when compared to the dental bridges.

After analyzing the benefits of dental implants, it can be clearly said that they may cost high but they are not expensive.



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