Ditching the Expensive Workout Plans – Easy Guide

When we think about a healthy lifestyle, we automatically think about workouts and gym membership. Once we have a good gym membership, we start to think about the personal trainer and then personal support because we just don’t feel right. Most of us pay our trainer to convince us and motivate us for a workout; others like to avoid gym sessions because they want to find an excuse for their laziness. The crux of the matter is that workouts can be made easy if you have a schedule, and there is no need to spend a lot of money on the gym membership and the experienced personal trainer workout. If you are motivated and you want to work, there are many ways you can simply start working at home. When it comes to workout sessions, there is no compulsion and no budget limit. You might end up spending 50 grand on your gym membership and still see no improvement, or you can start working out at home and get an impressive transition. The choice is simply yours. We have seen people starting from a 10 minutes’ walk and then changing it to a full-blown workout plan in the next few months. With baby steps, you can not only maintain good motivation, but you can also get aware of the progress. If you simply buy a gym membership and hire a personal trainer, he will track your progress for you, which might sound quite convenient but losing the personal trainer means you have to start from zero again? To address this issue completely, we need to start from the basics and move to a point where we know that spending money will be working for a while now.

For beginners who are still thinking about the overall workout plan, here is a basic workout plan that will help you start your workout routine. This is a basic workout plan that will help you start working; however, as your body experiences change, you can monitor the transition and adjust the steps accordingly. This introductory workout plan requires no equipment at all and works perfectly well for men and women who want to start the workout at home.

Warm-Up Session

woman warmup

Equipment: no equipment required

Time Duration: 10-25 minutes

For a warm-up, you can start with dynamic stretching, and this can take up to 10-25 minutes of your time. Most people start by static stretching, and they do not care how this will affect their bodies. With the help of dynamic stretching, you can help your muscles relax and stretch, and this will later help you reduce the risk of injury or muscle strain as well.

Exercises Session

Equipment: no equipment required

Time Duration: 15-20 minutes

For the start of the exercises, you need to divide your schedule into chunks. We can begin by using a plain week division method that will help you give your body enough time to rest, yet you have enough time to focus on all parts of your body. This is especially crucial because there are so many sessions where you will be focusing on your abs or biceps, and you end up neglecting your legs. To cater to this issue, you need to only work for 3-4 days a week, and for the rest of your days, you can let your body heal. This will build your stamina, and you will be able to monitor the overall progress as well. For the abs workout, you can use crunches, plank, pushups, and Russian twists. All these require no equipment, and you can divide your time evenly. If you want to work your biceps, you can use chin-ups and lift-ups. For the leg workout session, there are so many different options that you can explore.

Relaxing Sessions

Equipment: no equipment required

Time Duration: 15 minutes

Once you are done with your exercise session, you need to let your body cool down. For this, you can use yoga or meditation if you don’t want to choose anything complex. Even if you don’t feel like meditating, you need to sit down and relax for a few minutes; this will help you calm down and focus on a pleasant thought. Most of us start thinking about negative things and this, as a result, makes the overall workout process worse.


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