Exercises To Do on the Exercise Bike to Lose Weight and Increase Stamina

There are many effective workouts at home. One of the most effective options is exercise on a stationary bike. To maintain your body in good physical shape, it is unnecessary to go to the gym regularly. There are many effective workouts at home. One of the most effective options is exercise on a stationary bike. will tell about it in today’s article.

A Bit of History

Exercise bikes became popular among the masses in the 90s of the last century. Until this period, they were used by professional sports representatives. To date, they are available to almost everyone – you can buy an exercise bike for home use, and you can train on it in the gym.

The benefits of training on a stationary bike

Exercise bike allows cardio. It brings a lot of benefits to the body:

  • The extra kilos are burned.
  • Improves lung condition.
  • Normalized blood circulation.
  • The body becomes slimmer.
  • Developed and strengthened leg muscles.
  • It also strengthens the heart muscle and increases stamina.

The exercise bike helps not only to burn calories but also to convert them into energy. The risk of injury is low. Even people who have diseases of the joints and the spine, training on the exercise bike is allowed.

According to research, in 60 minutes of exercise, you can get rid of 500 calories.


Of course, training on a regular bike in nature or just in the fresh air brings more pleasure, however, the exercise bike also has the advantages:

  • The classes can be held regardless of weather conditions
  • Do not need equipment (shields, headgear, special sneakers)
  • Minimal risk of injury
  • The simulator does not take up much space
  • Control of each workout and the state of the body (heart rate monitor, distance traveled, the number of calories that are “gone”)
  • Ability to select a training mode


Observing the rules of training, you can achieve a better result than just sitting and pedaling.


Technique and Body Position:

  1. Do not forget to adjust the height of the saddle. Posture must be correct – it is unnecessary to flex your back strongly. It should be in a natural position. Shoulders can be slightly rounded.
  2. On the hand, it is unnecessary to carry the main weight. Keep them relaxed. Place your feet parallel to the floor, and move your knees slightly forward so that the load on the muscles is evenly distributed. Keep your head straight, as if you are driving down the street and looking at the traffic situation.


  1. The level of loads must be consistent with physical fitness, then the simulator will benefit. It is important in the process of exercising to monitor the pulse and pay attention to your own feelings.
  2. If the goal of the exercise is to lose weight, the average level of the load will do. At the same time, the pedals should rotate easily. In this mode, you need to do at least half an hour to activate the process of burning calories.
  3. Before classes, you should know your maximum heart rate, and then determine at what rate classes are held with maximum efficiency. During warming up, the pulse should be no more than 60% of the maximum value. During the main workout, the pulse rate should be around 65 – 75% of the maximum value.

Tracking Indicators:

  1. Expert’s advice keeping a diary of all workouts, in which you need to record the distance traveled, pulse rate, number of calories burned, your condition and other physiological indicators.
  2. Properly selected clothing. Clothing should be lightweight and free from movement. For workouts fit shorts for cyclists and sports jersey. If desired, you can use gloves for better grip. Shoes choose non-slip and hard soles. Sneakers or sneakers are fine.

exercise bike

General recommendations

  • Start your workout with a warm-up so that your muscles can warm up.
  • Finish the workout also with a warm-up so that the warmed muscles return to a state of rest.
  • You need to breathe smoothly and only through the nose.
  • In the time of illness or feeling sick, refrain from exercise.

The Optimal Time For Training

In the choice of time, focus on the biorhythms of your body. Larks better to train in the morning, and owls – in the afternoon. After waking up and before the start of the workout, several hours should pass. You should not sit on the exercise bike in less than 2 hours before bedtime.

After a meal, 90 minutes should pass, only then you need to start exercising. 60 minutes before starting work on the simulator, you cannot smoke, drink coffee and take medicine. If you feel thirst during exercise, take a small sip of water or water your mouth. The plentiful drink is not recommended.

Warm Up

During the workout, work with the muscles that will be involved in the core workout. Do squats, lunges, bends, knead the muscles and joints of the shoulder area. Stretch your legs.

The Program of Training on The Exercise Bike

It is worth starting with 20-minute exercises, gradually increasing the time to 45 minutes, and then to an hour. Take time to train 3-4 times a week.

There are 2 training options:

Uniform program: It consists of the same pace throughout the workout.

Interval program: It is necessary to alternate a quiet rhythm and intensive pedaling. This type of training gives the most optimal result in the fight against obesity and the desire to improve the shape.

Interval Training Stages

  1. Warming up. Last 5 – 10 minutes. Pedals need to twist at a quiet pace and at the same time knead the hands.
  2. Acceleration. Accelerate by 30 seconds, maintaining an average rhythm and controlling breathing.
  3. Maximum load. It should also last 30 seconds, at this time you need to move with maximum acceleration.
  4. It is necessary to alternate intense and calm rhythm several times.
  5. 10 – 15 minutes respite.

Whose Classes On A Stationary Bike Are Contraindicated?

Prior to training, you need to consult a doctor to rule out contraindications for health. If after the first classes there is shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, pain, you should refrain from training.

Major contraindications:

  • Ischemic heart disease and angina
  • Asthma
  • Hypertension (stage 2 and 3)
  • Inflammation of the venous walls
  • Malignant tumors
  • Tachycardia
  • Exacerbation of diabetes

To achieve the desired result, it is important to do the exercises regularly. The exercise bike is a great way to keep yourself in good shape and not to depend on the weather and the trainer’s schedule (which you can do without).



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