Facial Fillers and Botox Treatments Post-Covid-19

Covid-19 has hit everyday life in various ways. As lockdown and stay at home have become the new normal, several activities are now happening from home. Apart from Work from Home, other activities that used to occur outside premises are now happening within the premises. One such activity is the beauty regime. Since salons are also shut, beauty enhancements are carried out at home. The fact of the story is that several beauty enhancements are easy to execute at home, like nail and hair care. But derma care requires expert attention and professional touch. Botox injections and derma rectifications are not possible at home.

Several dermatologists report that their clients and even new customers inquire about the re-opening of the clinic to continue or start with cosmetic treatment procedures like Botox. And the most important note is that clinical appointments tend to change post corona period.

An Interesting revelation by Dermalogists in the USA is that as people were locked in their homes and working from home, video conferencing was in full swing. Hence, people noticed their faces, neck, and jawlines like never. Hence, the demand for beauty enhancement treatments for a neck lift, brow lift, eyelid lift, and jawline improvements has skyrocketed. Though the derma experts thought they might face a drop in cosmetic appointments, they were surprised to witness a surge in their appointments. And all this is even more surprising because of the prevalent salary cut and unemployment circumstances.

Let’s get back to the main topic of appointment methods and ways that will change post-Covid.

  • Virtual Clinics Will Become Popular

People have adjusted to their stay-at-home routine and the WFH schedule. Moreover, their comfort level with Zoom and video conferencing is worth noticing. Technology allows customers to give a detailed dynamic of skin and face to the experts through 4K screens on their gadgets. Hence, the consultation that one expects in a face-to-face meeting is easily achievable in a virtual meet too.

It is one of the safest ways to indulge in consultation post-Covid. It will allow the experts to access patients easily following Covid protocols.

  • Touchless Visits to Clinics

Every Botox treatment Dubai consultation is not practically possible to be successful through a virtual meet. Meeting the expert in person is inevitable at times. But post-Covid, the routine of visiting a clinic will differ that pre-Covid times. For the safety of the patient and the doctor, it will be suitable to have minimum physical contact. The expert would even cover an extra mile by taking patients’ advice before touching.

  • No Waiting 

The appointment will be directly focused on the treatment because consultation via video conferencing will be sufficient to understand the need for a face-to-face meeting. Hence, the patient will be called now for the procedure without any need to wait. Such measures will ensure that social distancing is maintained and exposure is limited. Moreover, doctors will inform patients to come alone for the procedure if a companion is not necessary.

  • Carry Your Vaccination Proof

Yes, you heard it right. Since vaccination drive against Covid-19 is upped across the world, post-Covid doctors will ask for vaccination proof by the patients to upkeep security. It will be a stress buster for the patient to be aware that the expert is vaccinated and for the expert to know that the patient is covered with the required shot.

  • Nasal Swab Test

Even though the vaccination drive across the world is becoming popular and countries are getting their citizens vaccinated, asking for a Covid nasal swab test before any derma surgery may be a norm, especially for people who are not vaccinated. The patient may be asked to follow the quarantine rule before showing the procedure on the surgery day.

  • Less Staff 

The doctor’s clinic that earlier used to hustle with staff members and an outpour of patients will have fewer staff members and patients. It is one of the ways to check the safety standards and ensure that everyone is secured.


People will try to move towards normalcy post-Covid. But there will be times when the scare of the virus will strike their mind. Hence, they may behave with a positive attitude and teach habits that will help them to always remain safe and secure in the outside world.


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