Grapefruit Diet For Weight Loss – Good or Bad?

Weight loss is becoming more important among people as many face greater health issues every day. It has paved the way for many new business investment areas especially in the case of diet products and workouts. Today it is one of the largest business sectors across the globe pushing the boundaries as we speak. However, the real question is does these products provide actual results? Well, one cannot simply deny that all are ineffective. Some prove to make better results than the rest. This brings us to the need for choosing the right one. Have you ever heard of the Hollywood diet or Grapefruit diet? If not, continue reading to know whether this grapefruit diet weight loss technique is worth the effort.

Earning people’s trust is difficult, but once they do it skyrockets one’s business to a greater level regardless of their area of expertise. This is so true in the case of weight-loss strategies. It all starts with celebrities speaking about any particular product that helped them to retain their “perfect” shape. But these people are not real experts, so it is better to hear from professionals in the field to get more clarity on the subject.

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What is Hollywood Diet?

It started among people in Unites states around the 1930’s and hence the name “Hollywood diet” and is even practiced today. It is more commonly known as the Grapefruit Diet. However, with time, they tend to undergo various changes but the key factors of such attempts like low carbohydrates and calories remain unaltered. As of the 1980’s they are referred to by the name “10 Day 10 Pound off Diet”. They believe that Grapefruit contains enzymes that could greatly reduce one’s excess fat and provide an astonishing physique. It consists of a 10-day meal plan that involves strict rules for consuming food. The goal of this diet plan is to regulate the intake of low carbohydrates and calories (800 to 1000).  Some even believed that this rigorous diet plan is said to provide excellent fitness results without involving any workouts. I.e. it helps people to lose 4kgs in 10 days.

Though it might sound more promising it also involves its own risk factors. Consuming such low-calorie food could result in Malnutrition & other nutritional deficiencies.grapefruit diet weight loss

No or Less Carbohydrates

This Grapefruit diet mainly focuses on avoiding the intake of rich carbohydrates food products. This refers to fruits, vegetables, cereals, and grains with natural sugar & high fibers.  But many of the modified versions of this diet plan encourage low carbohydrate food products.

However, all of these modern versions have one thing in common which includes grape juice. This diet involves consuming grape juice after every meal on a regular basis. It also encourages consuming high dietary fatty food products like Eggs, meals, and other protein-rich foods. As previously mentioned such a diet plan lasts for about 10 to 12 days followed by 2 resting days to meet the normal nutritional requirements of the body.

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The Grapefruit diet plan is well planned which could be easily understood from the following schedule.

Breakfast: (8.15 AM to 8.30 AM)

Grapefruit plays a major role in this diet. One could consume either 118ml of grapefruit juice or half of the fresh grapefruit, 2 eggs (scrambled or boiled), or 2 slices of bacon.

Lunch: (12.30 PM to 1 PM)

The quantity of the grapefruit or its juice tends to remain the same. However, the quantity of other food products tends to change. It involves cooked meat and any salad dressing.

Dinner: (7 PM)

118 ml of grapefruit juice or half a grapefruit, with any cooked meat or fish. It is then followed by the butter-cooked red, yellow-green vegetables.

Bedtime Snack: (9 PM)

A glass of milk or tomato juice would do the trick.

In spite of the above-mentioned schedule, it is more important to pay greater attention to choosing the vegetables, oils, and nuts that prove helpful in reducing one’s body weight.grapefruit diet weight loss

Speaking of which refers to Broccoli, lettuce, spinach, carrot, and cucumber proves effective in reducing excess body weight. On the other hand, it is mandatory to avoid starched vegetables like potato, cauliflower, bottle gourd. In terms of oils, vegetable oils margarine and canola oils also should be avoided. Also Cashew nuts are not a part of this grapefruit diet weight loss plan.

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Good or Bad?

With the increasing need for fitness and weight loss, this grapefruit diet seems to do wonders in a limited period of time. Yes, the process is tough but the results are worth the effort. Throughout the grapefruit diet, carbohydrates and calorie consumption are greatly limited. This proves effective in detoxifying the body tissues from the bad cholesterol. But every method has its own set of cons as well.

Consuming a low carbohydrate diet could result in severe malnutrition to the body tissues leading to various health defects. Once the diet is completed one has to return to consuming a normal level of carbohydrate consumption which brings back the usual weight. And such lowered carbohydrate level results in a decreased level of glucose in the blood and also its pressure levels. So it becomes quite a risk to attain a temporary weight loss solution. So it is always essential to consume both high and low-carb foods and engage in increased physical workouts. This provides better chances of enjoying our healthy & happy living without involving any greater efforts.

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