Guided Sleep Meditations To Fall Asleep Faster

You must have heard about the many benefits of Guided Sleep Meditations. How to take Sleep Meditation for health and stress-free living and may have thought to do it sometimes but due to lack of information, you could not do this process of Sleeping meditation. So today we will give you complete information about Sleep Meditation.

In any type of disease or stress, Guided Sleep Meditations works like a miracle medicine. Apart from this, spiritual benefits can also be gained from the continuous practice of Guided Sleep Meditations.

This is the state of mind in which we take ourselves to a very stable state. There are many benefits of doing Guided Sleep Meditations, both physically and mentally, so today, in this post, we will tell you about Guided Sleep Meditations. 

What Is Guided Sleep Meditation?

Guided Sleep Meditation is a type of spiritual sleep. This is the sleep in which a person sleeps but all his senses remain waking, it can be understood as “sleeping awake”, the state between sleeping and waking is called Sleep Meditation. It tends to be viewed as just among dreams and arousing. It is like a nap or a person is in a semi-conscious state.

Putting the effect of your spiritual power on one another or the effect of that power on yourself, which is achieved by sleep or hypnosis, is called Sleep Meditation in our philosophy. This Sleep Meditation has a special benefit in the life of the seeker, as his memory power increases, he is fully successful in raising his life. And his life in itself becomes very balanced and great.

Most people are unable to get this kind of sleep every day. When you are sleeping you are dreaming most of the time. You have an identity even when you are dreaming. Have you ever noticed that you remain ‘you’ even during your dreams? There may be a lot of imaginary and fantastic situations, but you are still there during this time. That is, your identity is not erased even during dreams.

Consider the day when you go beyond the dream world and fall into a state of complete sleep at bedtime. You will feel tremendous freshness after waking up. You have lived in a place where you had no identity. Some supreme element has touched you, but it happened in a state of ignorance. You will have a new feeling of freedom and happiness within you because for a while you get in touch with your original nature. If you can do the same thing in the state of complete awareness, then it is meditation. If you can stay this way in the waking state, then it means that you are in a state of meditation.

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How To Do Guided Sleep Meditation?

To learn and do Sleep Meditation, the help of a yoga expert should be sought. Under the direction of a yoga expert, you get more benefits from Sleep Meditation. Well, you can do it yourself, but it may take you a long time to reach the right level. Let us know how to do Yoga Nidra.

  • Lay the cover on the ground and rests in Shavasana.
  • Close the eyes and bring the whole body to rest.
  • At first, take full breaths and gradually return to the ordinary. Keep in mind that you have to take ordinary breaths, not Ujjayi.
  • After this, you will have to calm your mind and brain and forget all the thoughts that go on in your mind.
  • You can concentrate on your breath to make the brain void, which makes it easier to calm the brain.
  • Take your attention to your right paw. Keep your attention here for a few seconds. Bring the claws to rest.
  • After this, shift your focus to right grouping, right thigh, and right hip respectively.
  • After this, be aware of your entire right leg.
  • Follow the reflection strategy received for the correct leg also for the left leg.
  • Take your attention to all parts of the body in the genital, stomach, navel, and chest.
  • Take your attention to the right shoulder, arm, palm, fingers. This process should be carried to the left shoulder, arm, palm, neck and face, and the top of the head.
  • Take a deep breath. Experience the waves in your body.
  • Become aware of your body and the surrounding environment. He lay down for some time on the right side. Exhale through the left nostril will result in a feeling of coldness in the body.
  • Taking your time, slowly get up and sit. When you feel relaxed, slowly open the eye.

Benefits Of Guided Sleep Meditation:

In the current metropolitan environment, every single other individual has an issue of pressing factors and unhappiness. The main motivation for this is the absence of time. As a result of pressure and depression, people moreover fall prey to various infections. Rest Meditation is seen as a convincing technique to avoid such issues. Many kinds of infections can be kept away from through Sleep Meditation. A portion of its advantages is depicted underneath.

  • With the help of Sleep Meditation, you can relax your brain.
  • Sleep Meditation, helps in body temperature can be brought down to normal level after performing other yoga postures.
  • With the help of this, the functioning of the nervous system can be smoothed by controlling the energy derived from various Sleep Meditation. 
  • Sleep Meditation increases concentration. You can concentrate on doing any work.
  • Sleep Meditation relieves fatigue of your brain. As a result of which you are stress-free.
  • The functioning of other parts of the body is enhanced by the smooth functioning of your nervous system. 
  • This is a very simple way to meditate. Alongside this, because of the impact of Sleep Meditation, you step by step begin to move away from unfortunate propensities.


Deep sleep can also give a meditative state. We know that when we do not live within ourselves and our identity disappears, then a meditative state occurs. When you sleep, all your identity is gone. And once your identity is erased, you return to your original nature. It is a brilliant process, but it is happening in a state of a beggar. Sometimes on a particular day, you may have felt that if you fall asleep in a good, deep sleep for a couple of hours, then when you wake up the next morning, you feel a new kind of life inside you.


Lillian Harris

I am Lillian Harris a professional yoga instructor. I work as a guest yoga guru in various yoga centers. I also own meditation guides where you can find many helpful meditation techniques. I feel that yoga and meditation is the best way to cope up negativity.

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