Happiness – An Inevitable Trait to Prevail Your Life

Hi Folks! Before getting into the article, here is a little riddle for testing your temperament.

“This is something that everyone loves to have it in their life. But some cases, it may not be attained even by the millionaire, but simply a pauper may have”

Guess What?

If your answer is peace of mind or happiness, I’d be very happy that you’re matured enough to understand what I mean in this content.

It’s an absolute fact that happiness is the most inexplicable state we all are seeking in our whole lives. However, we couldn’t be in that state at all times. Just like a film, there may be some episodes where we need to experience much pain and sacrifice. But, the only thing that we have to explore is, real happiness and peace of mind lie within ourselves.


Before recognizing what is happiness, it’s better to have a clear vision where it doesn’t be. These days, success and prosperity are falsely labeled as happiness. But I strongly oppose such goofed statements.

What is happiness then? It’s a kind of pleasure that has its root in altruism. Knowing yourself and having satiety with the things that you’ve can give you peace of mind. This serenity can definitely lead you to have all the bliss in your life.

Change is Good!

If you are someone who wants to enjoy such happy moments, here are some interesting ways to find them.

Wipe Out Your Bad Habits – This is the right time to sit back and analyse yourself what you’ve done in your life. If you find any habits (like doing drugs, smoking, drinking and even binge watching Facebook or social media) that doesn’t let you productive, try to stop it. Of course, it is an agreeable fact that any bad habit will be so harder to quit. Ergo, you can commit and try to replace a new lifestyle to make you healthier and happier.

Smile Even if You Don’t feel Like it – Try to blossom a smile on your face as often as you can. Having a smile on your face, people feel friendlier and react likewise. Besides that, a smile can produce the feel-good hormone in your body which makes you fulfilled.

Like Yourself – Survey yourself and take a list of everything you like in yourself. No matter how big or small and bethink yourself of all those quirks a few times a day.


Comply Yourself – In truth, we are not allowed to be happy by ourselves. Whatever makes you feel happy in the right way, give yourself permission to enjoy. Neglect the thoughts of what others might say.

Love Yourself – At the end of the day, devote some time to feel love yourself. Adore yourself for anything good you did during the day and let the fervour of love fill you up.

Dare Yourself – Choose an action that you love to do in any right moment of the day. It doesn’t need to be an adventurous plan, but make it something that you wouldn’t do habitually like trying a new food or going to a shop you love. Doing such things will definitely help you cherished.

Spread the Love – Express lovely sayings to someone who loves you at least once a day. Convey it through writing or saying, in writing or even through singing.

Live the Moment – Worrying about the past doesn’t change even a little bit in your future. So, try to enjoy the moment that you have on your hand. That’s only making you feel free.

Try Some New Words – Plan some positive, energetic and happy words to use. Try and apply them in your routine life to spread fortitude.

There is no doubt that following such activities will let you move forward to your life goals with the bliss.

“Taste the ecstasy of life by feeling happiness in you”

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