How to Maintain Men’s Health: Useful Tips

The rhythm of modern life often leaves no time and energy for the care of their own health, imposing completely different problems and concerns. This is especially true of men who are not accustomed to carefully monitor their state of health. Meanwhile, nothing is more important than good health, since with its loss there is no longer any strength for other joys of life. What measures should be taken by men in order not to fall into the ominous trap of chronic diseases? There are many general recommendations that help to really support and maintain men’s health.  Testosteronerd will guide you to maintain your Testosterone level.

Maintaining Motor Activity

To normalize metabolism and activate blood circulation, it is necessary to get rid of hypodynamia and a sedentary lifestyle. Whenever possible, you should give preference to physical activity and walking, because the only way to maintain your body in good shape. In addition, it has a positive effect on the male urogenital system. Especially useful is the special gymnastics for prostatitis, an exercise which helps prevent or greatly alleviate this difficult and intractable disease. It is only necessary to overcome laziness and regularly perform a set of exercises.

Regular Visits to the Urologist

Since prostatitis has become a real “plague” of our time, it is necessary to recognize its beginning in time. This can be done only by a qualified urologist since for quite a long time the disease can occur without any symptoms at all. Meanwhile, the early treatment is the key to a quick and complete recovery. It is especially unacceptable in this situation to resort to self-treatment of prostatitis since, without the absence of complex therapy; the process will quickly turn into a chronic stage. In addition to inflammation of the prostate gland, men’s health problems such as urolithiasis, various inflammations of the urinary tract organs, and injuries of the genitals are the reason for addressing the urologist.

Maintain Men's Health

Eliminate Bad Habits

An unequivocal “no” is necessary to say to cigarettes since nicotine has an extremely negative impact on the entire male body. Spasm of the vascular bed, regularly observed in smokers, causes dysfunction of almost all organs, including reducing erectile function. Other bad habits, such as alcohol abuse, should also be minimized. Of course, there won’t be much harm from one glass of good wine, but it’s definitely not worth getting drunk regularly to an insane state.

Take Care of the Safety of Sex

The use of condoms should become an obligatory habit since various sexually transmitted infections are becoming more common in recent times. If for some reason unprotected sex has occurred, it is necessary not later than two hours after the act to prevent. After doubtful contacts, you should definitely see a doctor, even if there are no symptoms of infection. Many sexually transmitted diseases are now completely asymptomatic, so one may not even suspect their existence until chronic prostatitis is present.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

An essential part of good health is proper diet. Refusal of smoked meats, salinity, preservatives in favor of vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meats will help not only to get rid of the treacherously hanging tummy but also to heal the whole body. In addition to the normalization of your menu, do not forget about such useful health techniques as swimming and hardening. Water procedures tend to stimulate nerve endings, as well as improve posture and relieve stress on intervertebral discs.

Monitor Blood Testosterone Levels

Normally, men do not have a sharp decrease in testosterone, however, some circumstances may contribute to an early and significant drop in its level. Such provoking factors are chronic alcoholism, decompensation of diabetes, advanced diseases of the lungs, heart and blood vessels. The clinical manifestations of testosterone deficiency are the following symptoms:

  • Loss of muscle mass;
  • Reduction of skin tone;
  • The tendency to increased fat deposition;
  • Rarefaction of bone structure;
  • Sleep disturbance, worsening of mood;
  • Memory loss.

In case of severe symptoms, a man after 45 years can be prescribed hormone replacement therapy, as a result of which there is a significant improvement in health. Appointment of hormones should be carried out only by a doctor, in accordance with the available indications and results of laboratory tests.



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