How to Take Care of Your Invisalign Aligners? 7 Tips from Experts

Congratulations, if you have clear Invisalign aligners or retainers! You are on your way to achieving the smile of your dreams. Maintained and clean Invisalign aligners can take you to your dream smile while being presentable to others.

However, these orthodontic appliances require some special care to keep them clean. Your orthodontist must’ve given you relevant instructions. This blog post can be your additional reference point for taking care of your Invisalign aligners.

7 Tips to Properly Clean Your Invisalign

Cleaning your Invisalign is essential to keeping your smile looking its best. These simple tips will help ensure that your Invisalign trays stay clean and bacteria-free.

  1. Always Remove Your Aligner Tray Before Eating or Drinking Anything

This will help prevent food particles from getting trapped in your trays. Also, the stains caused by food and strong-colored drinks may stain your aligners. These stains may not get cleaned even with extreme effort. They dilute the whole purpose of discreet treatment through aligners.

The only safe beverage is water which you can drink with your aligners. Remove them before consuming anything else.

  1. Use Your Toothbrush to Clean Aligners

Nope! You don’t need fancy equipment to clean your Invisalign. A good, old-fashioned toothbrush is still the best tool for cleaning your Invisalign trays. Be sure to brush gently, however, as you don’t want to damage the trays.

Also, don’t bother to use anything else other than lukewarm water with the toothbrush. Certainly not your toothpaste. It can harm the surface of your aligners.

  1. Use the Invisalign Cleaning Crystals

Invisalign Company launched Invisalign cleaning crystals to clean Invisalign aligners properly. It is the best way to clean your aligner trays and remove their stains.

So how to use Invisalign cleaning crystals? It’s pretty simple. Add a packet of crystals to a cup or glass of lukewarm water. Remove your aligners, rinse them with water, and soak them for 15-30 minutes in this solution. That’s it!

  1. Keep Aligner Trays in a Designated Case Only

It is human to forget things in a rush. But you must train your mind to keep the aligner trays in their designated case only. Don’t keep them in your purse or on a napkin. Or else you could lose them or damage them. The time spent getting a new tray will prolong your treatment duration.

Keeping the trays in a case also ensures that they remain free of dust, debris, and bacteria.

  1. Follow a Proper Schedule

You might be thinking about how often you should clean Invisalign. Cleaning your Invisalign trays twice every day is non-negotiable. It is also important to rinse your aligners every time you remove them.

But most important is your cleaning schedule. Stick to a Schedule. This will help ensure that your trays are always clean and ready to wear.

  1. Soak Them in a Cleaning Solution

Soaking your Invisalign trays in a denture-cleaning solution help to keep them clean and free of bacteria. Be sure to follow the instructions on the solution carefully. Soaking your aligners in a cleaning solution help get rid of many impurities such as cough, plaque, stains, debris, etc.

Soaking also disinfects your aligners from the bacteria causing dangerous diseases such as candida, staph, e-coli, etc.

  1. Clean Your Aligners Before Breakfast

Do you know how your mouth smells in the morning? So you can gauge the kind of bacteria generated in your mouth overnight. And breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So make sure your Invisalign trays are clean before you eat.

This will help to prevent your oral health and food particles from becoming trapped in your trays. This practice will also make cleaning aligners easier.

Why You Need to Keep Your Invisalign Tray Clean

Invisalign aligners are not permanently bonded to your teeth like traditional braces. They must be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. This means that it’s even more important to keep them clean! Here’s why:

Bacteria and plaque can build up on Invisalign aligners just like they do on your teeth. A dirty Invisalign tray can cause gum irritation, inflammation, infection, and other problems if not cleaned regularly. Also, your Invisalign tray needs to be clean to work correctly. If it’s not, it won’t be as effective at straightening your teeth.

These are also pieces of advice for new parents to keep in mind, as they should try to educate their child about hygiene and cleanliness from an early age and keep these points at the back of their mind if their child needs to opt for Invisalign treatment in the future.

It may seem like a hassle, but it’s not that difficult. Set aside a few minutes each day to give your tray a good cleaning.

In conclusion, it is crucial to keep your Invisalign clean. This will help you avoid staining and yellowing of your teeth. In addition, it will help keep your breath fresh and your smile looking its best. If you have any questions about how to care for your Invisalign, be sure to ask your orthodontist.

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