What is Acid Reflux Syndrome and GERD?

Acid Reflux syndrome is a hyperacidity condition when our stomach starts producing excessive stomach acid in course of digestion of food in the stomach. When it occurs frequently the acidic food content of the stomach starts impacting the tissues of the stomach and esophagus region. As a result of that, the lower esophageal sphincter loses its strength and starts leaving a gap between the stomach and the esophagus.

The acidic food content then moves upwards through that gap to the esophagus region and in many cases up to the throat area. Gradually it starts impacting sour taste in our mouth often as the result of burping and acidic regurgitation. It also creates quite an uneasy sensation in the chest area that is called heartburn. The entire syndrome is called Acid Reflux syndrome and the disease altogether is termed as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD.

The Reasons Behind the Development of Acid Reflux and GERD

The Acid Reflux syndrome is often defined as an outcome of modern urban hectic lifestyle disorder and therefore, addressing the issue of lifestyle correction is one of the major concerns all over the world in course of overcoming the issue.

In the cosmopolitan super fast lifestyle, people often found minimum time to have a proper lunch or dinner. Many times, this supplements their main food with fast foods like pizza, burger, pastry, parties, snacks, etc. These are the foods which have a pivotal role in developing hyperacidity in the stomach.Acid Reflux Syndrome

The timing of having food is also very crucial as far as hyperacidity is concerned. If you are compelled to have your lunch and dinner quite late than the scheduled time your digestive system will definitely be affected with that.

Consuming too much alcohol and excessive smoking can also result in developing hyperacidity syndrome.

Remedies for Hyperacidity Syndrome

The Best Acid Reflux Remedies strongly follow correction in lifestyle disorders that includes the complete prohibition of any fast foods, consuming alcohol in any form, having even a single cigarette, making a long sleepless night or having too much stress and tension regarding the professional or personal life.

One must have a completely natural diet that includes cereals, fresh vegetables, fresh fishes, loads of fresh fruits etc. Taking too much of carbohydrate should be avoided and the cooking of food should never be too oily, fatty, or spicy.

One should avoid taking the vegetables like tomatoes, cabbages, cauliflower etc. It is also recommended to avoid any milk products in the advanced course of the disease.

A brief morning walk is always quite beneficial in overcoming the syndrome. One should also consume a lot of fresh water in an entire day.

Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux Syndrome

In a state of hyperacidity, apple cider vinegar is proved to be quite beneficial in overcoming the symptom. A small amount of apple cider vinegar could be mixed with a quarter cup of water and to be taken when one is severely affected with hyperactivity.

  • A cup of ginger tea is also quite soothing in a state of hyperacidity condition.
  • A glass of cucumber juice is very soothing and effective in overcoming the syndrome.
  • Jeera water is also too effective to address hyperacidity.
  • These are the basic remedies that one can adopt against the hyperacidity syndrome as Acid Reflux Gerd Natural Treatment


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