Why Digital Pills Are The Future Medicines?

The medical industry is one of the fastest booming sectors in modern times. It faces greater changes in terms of both technology and improving the comfort of our lives. The development continues to grow even as we speak now. Though there are hundreds and thousands of such advancements around one of the most significant one has made it to the title called the “Digital Pill

As the name indicates it involves more techno features that guarantee our healthy living. Some even call it the future tech of medication. Well, this article will provide a clear insight into what these new pills are all about. Continue reading…….

What Is A Digital Pill?

People consume pills all the time as it has become more of a common pre & post appetite routine. It ranges from simple headache medicines, sleep pills to treat serious health conditions. So it becomes mandatory to follow them as prescribed in order to live long and prosper.

Such a practice becomes more vital among people with serious mental health conditions. They may not be aware of their actions which would also include taking pills on time. Such behaviors could adversely affect their health. So to provide the necessary assistance the idea of Digitized Pill is preferred more.

It is nothing more than a sensor in the pill capsule used along with the drug called Abilify which is used to treat Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder conditions. As when these pills are swallowed they would send signals to the Doctor and the smartphone app with the removable patches placed on the skin surface. It is made up of silicon, magnesium, and copper. The idea and the invention came from Japan, the and the Proteus Digital health from Silicon Valley.Digital pills

Interesting Facts about Digital Pills

Even though these digital pills sound techier yet they would get naturally digested after a certain period of time. Such an idea of using an ingestible device is not new to the medical field. As many medical professionals have used pills to get take photos of the inner body. The idea of monitoring using the drug puts the idea into the whole new level of controversies.

It raises the question of privacy, safety, and the use of big data from inside one’s body.

But surprisingly digital pill has been proved to be much safer and it is the “first” one to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You could also find their official statement explaining the safety of these new pills in town.

Every modern advancement comes with its own set of pros and cons and this remains the same in case of the Digital pills. Here are some of the common concerns of people.

Digital Pills & Its Pros

As mentioned earlier, it helps people to keep the track record of their medical practice. Though it offers health benefits, it also influences their lives in an economical way. Improper medication practice results in serious health concerns and requires prolonged hospitalization which costs about $100 Billion in the US alone.

So with such an effective and efficient monitoring system around people will never skip out their medication at all.  This proves to be the smart way in terms of both health & economic concerns of people.

Cons of Digital Pills

One of the very first things is the privacy concern. Having such a pill inside you could make you feel uncomfortable as being monitored all time. It also questions the safety of their doctor-patient confidentiality.

While hacking is becoming a greater threat every day, the intervention of the third parties with the patient medical information could also become quite a risk.

At present this idea is being used only with the Abilify drug and it is yet to collaborate with other medications as well. This will result in the need for regular intake of digital pills which some might find annoying.

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