Why Yo Yo Dieting Is Bad For You?

People often talk about a healthy lifestyle and it is not as easy to obtain as it sounds. There are many factors that contribute to such results. But the most common one that everyone would agree is managing their body weight. Though it might sound simple and easy yet it is one of the hardest things to do! With such a trending practice on the loose, one could find a large number of fitness centers emerging every day to help people with their needs.

The idea of body weight management is nothing new; it has been around people for several decades it is just that we tend to realize its importance now more than ever.

So that being said, such weight management tends to differ among people based on numerous factors such as Age, gender and their food habits etc

Though it might seem workouts are more of a masculine work, but it is not! A great number of women takes part in such practices to retain their elegant physique and to stay healthy. So there are many workout plans and programs made exclusively available for women. One of such is the Yo-yo dieting which is discussed in detail below.yo yo dieting

The “New” one

Before getting into the topic there are few facts that we must be clear to get a better understanding of what this new dieting practice is all about. We all have come across a fair share of workout routines that all promises of magical results in no time. But sadly not all of such workout plans turns out to be true. So finding the right one requires some time and research. But remember workouts are not magic tricks so it has its own pros and cons. So if you are picking the particular workout routine be sure to manage what it brings. Speaking of which the Yo Yo dieting is the idea of losing weight and gaining it back followed by dieting practice with the idea of weight cycling.

Why the Name Yo-Yo?

As mentioned earlier, this particular dieting practice involves losing weight and gaining it again followed by dieting.  Due to such to and fro motion, it resembles the Yo Yo and hence the name. It has become common practice among 10% of men and 30% of women all across the world to be fit.

But the real question – Is It Safe?

 The idea of dieting involves planned & selected food intake and the workout plans to chisel our body into the perfect shape that we desire. Though that might sound all fantastic, when something goes wrong with these procedures it could adversely affect our health. That being said with all the weight loss and the weight gain followed by weight loss. This Yo Yo diet does more bad than good to our body.

Following are the reasons why one should avoid Yo Yo diet

Reasons to say Big “NO”

1) Increased Appetite leads to Weight Gain

We all have been there, the urge to have some more of our “favorite food”.  To be fit one must realize how this dieting works.

Our body stores fat as that of backup energies supplies. These fat stores secrets a hormone called Leptin which makes feel “full” thereby reducing the food intake. But with all the dieting practices results in hormonal imbalance, the decreased level of Leptin increases the appetite thereby increasing the urge to consume more food which in turn results in weight gain.yo yo dieting

With all the muscle loss our body tends to conserve energy and in over a certain period of time people tend to gain 30 to 65% of their lost weight.

This is the “Up” phase in the Yo Yo dieting.

2) Increased Body Fat Percentage

Gaining fat for the loss in muscle mass is quicker in the Yo Yo dieting thereby increasing the number of such Yo Yo cycles. Sadly such gained fats are hard to lose which makes weight loss to be more problematic.

3) Excess Muscle Loss

It is easy to regain the fat but not the reduced muscle loss. This, in turn, results in decreased physical strength.

This could be best compensated with the exercises like strength training, and etc. This helps the body to grow new muscles even when the other parts of the body are slimming.

Also, it is better to take some protein supplements which could compensate for the reduced muscle mass. There are many studies available supporting this fact.

4) Risk of Fatty Liver

Excess body weight is always a risk to the liver. Repeated weight loss and weight gain practices change how your liver functions Thereby increasing the risk for type 2 diabetes.

Even though not all the studies have concluded this, But there is a definite possibility for an increased level of insulin in the blood when following the Yo Yo dieting practices over a certain period of time.

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5) Not Good for Heart

This idea of Weight cycling has been found to increase the risk of suffering from Coronary heart disease. Thus being the global killer it is best to avoid taking any chances to become prone to serious heart conditions in the name of dieting.yo yo dieting

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6) Increases Blood Pressure

Increased body weight after the Yo Yo Dieting has been found to increase the blood pressure.

It seems to affect the positive effect of weight loss on blood pressure factors.  One of the long terms studies also suggests that such effects tend to fade away after 15 years. This clearly states that taking part in Yo Yo dieting will not affect your health at the later stages.

7) It Makes You “Feel Out Of Control”

People strive hard to lose their body weight but with all the Yo Yo cycles the complete result of the weight loss becomes meaningless with all the rebound weight gain.

This, in turn, frustrates people to lose hope on Yo Yo dieting.  Many of the people who have practiced this dieting tend to feel that their body and health is getting “Out of Control”.

8) Increases Your Chance of Dying!

Losing weight results in various Physiological and Psychological changes to your body. It results in healthy heart and liver, also improves sleep and reduces the risk of cancer and etc., thereby providing a chance to lead a good quality of life.

But with all the sudden weight loss and the weight gain, it increases the chance of dying by 80%. This sounds scary, isn’t it? Though, such a report also includes that there are other reasons for the reduced lifespan of individuals who took part in the study. It is better to stay safe rather than risking your life.

9) Focus on Long Term Lifestyle

Most of the diet practices often implement a set of rules that need to be followed in order to enjoy the results. But as soon the goal is reached many tend to give up on such practices. This, in turn, returns their health back to usual. And now, one has to start all over again. This could be frustrating!

So one of the best ways to avoid this is to stop looking at it as a temporary diet plan and making it as a part of your routine lifestyle.

When Yo Yo dieting is to be followed on such regular practice it could also prove beneficial. But given there are certain factors that you must consider while following this diet.

This includes,

  • Avoiding Junk foods and Eating Healthy
  • Regular Exercise,
  • Getting Good Sleep,
  • Limit your Starch rich foods and
  • Also, avoid “Too much” of your Television time

The idea of getting health conscious is a good thing but following any of the diet plans that are well advertised on social platforms is not a smart move. So to get the best results it is always better to do some digging to find the real truth about such “preferred” diet plan to enjoy the real benefits and to lead a healthy and happy life.

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