Top 5 Reasons You Need a Professional Roof Inspection

Whether you are a new homeowner, a longtime homeowner, or own several buildings, most people will assume that their roof is generally in good condition, that it was properly installed, and that it will withstand the next episode of snow, hail, windstorm, or hurricane.

The truth, however, is that roof damage or wear usually cannot be seen from the street view outside your home. Any flaw or wear pattern on your roof has the potential to cause significant damage not only to the roof itself but to the contents of your home and endangering both you and your family if you are inside.

Roof damage can easily mean the necessity of replacing the entire roof, which can take a huge bite out of your finances. While insurance may cover the costs, do you know what to do if your insurance denies your claim or is only willing to pay for repairs?

This is where a professional roof inspection can not only save you headaches but can help to save you thousands of dollars. Look at the top 5 reasons you should hire a professional roofing inspector.

  1. It’s the Cheapest Insurance Possible:

Legitimate roofing professionals don’t charge for roof inspections. If you are asked to pay for an inspection, look elsewhere. Trained roofing professionals can pinpoint areas of weakness, signs of possible damage, show you what is average wear and tear on your roof and what damage, if any, has occurred to the roof. This vital information can help to save you thousands of dollars by alerting you to minor problems that can be fixed now before the next storm turns your home into a well. Getting annual inspections can also show insurance adjusters that the roof was in good condition before it became damaged from a weather event.

  1. It’s the Safest Option:

Even with binoculars, it is impossible to see every angle of the average roof. While climbing up on your roof might seem like an easy enough endeavors, thousands of people are seriously injured falling off of their roof. Professional roofers know how to maneuver around your roof safely, which means you can stay on the ground while they perform a thorough and close up inspection.

  1. Makes Insurance Claims Much Easier:

Regular roof inspections can also take the sting out of a possible insurance claim. Chances are that you don’t know what your insurance company will cover and what they won’t. As we mentioned earlier, having that annual inspection in hand will show your insurance company that your roof was in good condition, or that you recently had repairs done, so you don’t get denied because you can’t prove that the roof was well maintained. A roofing repair expert can help you prepare your insurance claim and will identify the damage. You are entitled to have a roofing contractor present when the insurance adjuster is inspecting your roof for damage. If the adjuster and roofing contractor disagree, it also entitles you to have a re-inspection by another adjuster within your insurance company at no extra cost to you.

You don’t need multiple estimates and you can have the contractor of your choice present during the inspection and adjustment process. Having a professional roofing contractor present when the insurance adjuster is evaluating your roof will speed up the claims process since most contractors and insurance companies will agree on a price during the inspection. All you do is pay your deductible and the work can get underway quickly.

  1. Don’t Forget an Interior Inspection:

Most people only consider the outside portion of the roof when it comes to roofing inspections, but checking the attic, garage, and other spaces for proper ventilation, moisture problems, leaks that haven’t yet reached the ceiling where they can be seen by homeowners, and mold issues are just as important as the exterior inspection.

  1. Peace of Mind:

No matter what Mother Nature dishes up next, imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that your roof is in good condition and can well withstand the elements. Knowing the roof to your home is in the best condition possible and that it can protect both your family and your belongings, which is a comforting thought when nature is raging outside.

Roofing inspections should be done annually for best results. Being proactive with roofing inspection, maintenance and repairs is the best and easiest way to protect both your family and your investment.



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