4 Homemade Baby Gifts they’ll Keep Forever

Making a gift for a new baby is a big deal. You want to make something meaningful that they’ll appreciate for the rest of their life. You also don’t want the time and energy behind the gift to go to waste. There are several homemade baby gifts that they’ll want to keep forever, and we describe four of those gift ideas below.

Personalized Mobile

A personalized, homemade mobile is unique, and once the baby grows up, they’ll want to keep it to use in their baby’s nursery. There are several ways you can make a mobile, but the easiest way is with paper. Choose the shapes you want to hang over the crib, such as origami cranes or 3D stars, and fold the paper accordingly. You can then tie or clip the paper shapes to a mobile that will hang over the baby’s crib. Ask the parents about nursery themes or desired color schemes so that you can best match the shapes and colors.

Crocheted Baby Hat

Baby clothes come and go, so most people won’t want to keep most of their baby clothes when they grow up. However, handmade items will provide a personal touch that will inspire most people to keep them. While you can crochet any piece of baby clothing you want, a hat is one of the easier options. You can crochet the hat to match the hospital baby blanket so that they can come home with your hat on, or you can make a hat for another occasion. When they grow up and see adorable baby pictures wearing your hat, they’ll want to recreate those photos with their little ones.

Custom Wall Art

Every room needs decoration, whether it’s a baby nursery, childhood bedroom, or dorm room. Giving the new baby a piece of custom wall art can provide that necessary decoration for now and forever. The key to crafting a piece of custom wall art that lasts is to create something unique but timeless.

Instead of traditional nursery decorations, such as a painted sign that reads sleeping baby, consider painting something with the first letter of the baby’s name. Most likely, they’ll have the same name when they’re grown up and will want to keep the art in their bedroom.

Handmade Quilt

Baby blankets are among the first comforting objects babies have in their lives, making them extra special compared to other household items. A handmade quilt as a baby blanket is a thoughtful baby gift idea you can make yourself that they’ll want to keep forever. You can make the quilt any size so they can use it for as long as possible and eventually pass it down. If you want to make it extra personal, sew the baby’s name or birthday onto the quilt.

These four homemade baby gifts are presents that they’ll want to keep forever and possibly pass down to their children one day. Even if they don’t, the thoughtfulness you pour into this gift will remind the baby and their family how much you care about them, which will make the gift special.

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