Adventure Tourism: 5 Destinations In Brazil That You Should Know

Adventure tourism is gaining more and more fans. Many people want to escape their stressful day-to-day life of big cities to get lost amidst wildlife and get away from the rut. The direct contact with nature and the adrenaline rush caused by exotic scenarios will renew the energies of anyone. To know more about travel experience and tips for travel just find at

To enjoy the best of adventure tourism, you do not have to leave Brazil. The country has a number of regions that should not be missed for trekking, diving, climbing and more. Here are the top 5 adventure tourism destinations in Brazil:

  1. Monte Roraima

If climbing is your preferred form of adventure, you need to make a road map to Mount Roraima. At about 2,800 meters high, it stands on the border between Brazil and Venezuela and gathers rivers, waterfalls and savanna vegetation in its surroundings until reaching the top. The location is great for trekking and hiking. On a visit to Mount Roraima, you can also check out the Angel Falls, the largest waterfall in the world, at 979 meters high.

  1. Ilha Grande

A true paradise in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande is a complete package of beauty and serenity for those who want to escape the madness of everyday urban life. With beautiful beaches, trails in the middle of the tropical forest, gazebos with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking waterfalls, Ilha Grande has a whole tourist structure designed to welcome the tourist well. Those who stay in one of their many inns will have everything they need to venture into the place in the best way.

  1. Serra da Mantiqueira

Part of the Itatiaia National Park, the Serra da Mantiqueira is a true paradise for those who enjoy the mountain climate and direct contact with nature. There, it is possible to venture amidst the wild vegetation, take a river bath, trekking and also abseiling. The main highlight is the sensation of being above the clouds since the high part of the mountain reaches more than 2,500 meters of height. Its trails and crossings provide unforgettable views of the region and reward those who choose the place as a destination.Adventure tourism

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  1. PETAR, Ribeira Valley

The acronym is used to mean Parque Estadual Turístico do Alto Ribeira. This is one of the most precious places for fans of cave exploration in Brazil: there are more than 300 of them ready to be visited and to marvel tourists. It is in the Ribeira Valley, in the extreme south of the state of São Paulo, so it is practically in the backyard of the great Brazilian metropolis. In addition to the caves, the tourist can venture among canyons, rivers, and breathtaking waterfalls.

  1. Jalapão

There are people who do not even think that Brazil has such incredible places as Jalapão. It is an aquatic oasis in the middle of the desert of this region of the Brazilian cerrado in the Tocantins. There, visitors can practice rafting in crystal clear waters and be captivated by the various waterfalls scattered throughout the region. The speed of the rapids is enough to make any visit a great adventure. Contact with wildlife is also a highlight, as Jalapão is home to capybaras, sucuris and jaguars.

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