10 Essential Apps You Should Have On Your iPad

If you own an iPad, you know it comes with some in-built apps. These apps are not enough to do everything you want, and you would like to customize your iPad. The App Store is full of hundreds of thousands of iPad apps that you can download. Since you cannot download all the apps, you need to prioritize and only get the essential apps to organize your personal and work life.

1. iWork

iWork is a suite of productivity apps by Apple Inc for its iOS and macOS systems. iWork is available via the iCloud website and across platforms. The app includes a presentation program called Keynote, desktop publishing and word processing application pages, and spreadsheet numbers. If you need to share your work in the office, iWork is compatible with Microsoft.

2. Microsoft Office

Productivity apps from Microsoft are similar to iWork apps from Apple. The Microsoft apps are better for anyone more comfortable using apps from Microsoft.

On Microsoft Office, you can create, edit and view documents on your iPad using the free apps. If you use the Office 365 paid subscription, you can get some extras like Skype calls from a phone, 1TB worth of OneDrive storage, an email account from, etc. If your preference leans more to MS than Apple, you can download the MS Office for your iPad.

3. Mint

If you want to streamline your finances, Mint automatically creates your budget. After you download and connect all your bank accounts and credit cards, the Mint app immediately creates a budget based on your spending trends.

You can set the budget limit. You can edit the categories by either adding or removing them. Income and expenses are added when you use your credit or debit cards. You have to add cash transactions manually.

4. Dropbox

If you have the 256 GB iPad Pro, you might not need to add storage. If you do not have this option, Dropbox is the solution to all your storage issues. Dropbox is a storage service that allows you to keep your documents, photos, videos, etc., in one space. You can access Dropbox from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. You can also share content without having to divulge your personal information.

5. VPN

As much as the iOS is touted to be the safest operating system, you can never be too careful. A VPN for your iPad is a secure way of ensuring your device stays safe and sound. A Virtual Private Network encrypts your communication over unsecured networks, such as in coffee shops or airport lounges. It hides your IP address, ensuring hackers aren’t able to track your physical location. VPNs are also able to bypass censorship on blocked networks, especially if you are traveling and you need to access sites that are censored in that certain region.

6. Kindle

If you are an avid reader, the Kindle Reader for iOS is an essential app to have on your iPad. When you buy a book on Amazon, you can transfer the book directly from the site. When you access the Kindle app, the book will be visible, and you can download it. Reading on an iPad feels better due to its landscape mode and a bigger screen.

7. Bear

Bear is relatively new compared to the other apps. If you write a lot, Bear gives you a lot of flexibility in text handling. Bear is excellent for to-do lists and notes, but you can add files, code blocks, images, and more to add spice to your work.

You can choose a theme, select how to sort documents, choose fonts and take charge of finer details like line height, paragraph spacing, and font size. You can buy the $1.49 Bear Pro if you want more features like syncing your work between the Bear on your Mac and your iPad or other iOS devices.

8. Pinterest

If you love DIYs, you will want to download Pinterest, a social networking site for cooking, crafts, and other DIY ideas. The official app on the iPad will help you search for topics you have an interest in, browse through your feed pins and see who saves your posts. All your pins are stored on your board for swift access when you need them. You can get great ideas from other people on the app by following them.

9. Paper

For art enthusiasts, download Paper, an excellent app for idea sketches, doodling, graph creation, and more. The Paper app has some great tools for note-taking and image annotation. The Paper app is an all-around, holistic app that will ignite your creativity.

10. Amazon

Online shopping is so convenient, and we wonder where we would be without it! Online shopping using your iPad has never been more convenient. The Amazon website has millions of sellable items in its catalogs. The Amazon mobile app makes it easier to browse through the different categories and quickly find what you want.

You can add items you want to your wish list, compare the same item from different brands, check for deals, review the products the app recommends, and shop till you drop. Just be careful not to shop yourself broke! Remember to be extra careful and use a VPN when shopping, especially when using your credit or debit cards.


There are millions of apps out there, and not all are legit. If you own an iPad, the best place to shop for apps is the official Apple store. Your iPad cannot hold every available app, so you need to decide which apps you need. If you are an avid reader or writer, you have the corresponding apps.

Remember, there are other apps for the same purpose; you just need to decide what works for you. Do your research. Before download, go to the app store and read the reviews from people who have used them. Weigh your options and download what will work for you.

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