7 iPhone Apps You Need To Experience In 2020

When talking about free or paid mobile applications, two monsters dominate the market. On the one hand, we have the green Martian and Android apps and then we have all that series of iPhone applications that delight users. Today we are going to give you a complete list of the best iPhone apps, the ones that cannot be missing, and the essential ones; and divided by categories. What are you waiting to download them?

Essential Tools For iOS:

1.) Find My iPhone, So You Can Find Your Stolen Or Lost iPhone

From here we wish that it never happens to you, but either by mistake or by a malicious hand, sometimes the iPhone (and especially if it is the latest iPhone 8, X, Xr or iPhone Xs) disappear.

Once you find your device missing, you can see its geographical location and choose one of the options: remote lock, emit a sound, send a message that is displayed on the screen or delete all stored data.

During the time that the mobile has been lost, a record of all the locations in which it has been will be kept. Track your iPhone safely. It is free and available in several languages ​​including Spanish, Catalan or English

It includes the “Lost Mode”, which locks the phone with a code and can display a message and a contact phone on the lock screen. In this lost mode, the iPhone keeps track of its location and you can see its history.

For this application, you will need the operating system ios 8 or higher, as well as iCloud.

2.) Cortana: The King Of The App Store

And if we improve something with technology is the increasing amount of services that our smartphones and tablets provide. If very few once had a personal secretary or personal assistant, now all iPhone owners can. Yes, we know that not everyone has an iPhone, but something starts, don’t you think?

Cortana is presented as your virtual personal assistant, for whatever you need. This 2015 iPhone app has been chosen by TuApp For its effectiveness, the possibility of letting your Mac and your iPhone (or iPad, or whatever) work together, synchronize and notify you when it is convenient. They are always there at your disposal.

What do you have to go to buy bread? Don’t be late for your appointments! Remember where you parked the car. Look for information. Play your favorite songs. Organize your documents. Send an email Open an app you just have to ask him.

3.) Fleksy: The Fastest Keyboard

Officially the fastest mobile keyboard on the market. This is the only keyboard that allows you to search and send GIFs and customize your keyboard with fun themes and colors. It has extensions like cursor control or click with one hand, among others.

It belongs to the new generation of autocorrection, with which you can write almost without looking and with gesture intuition. Write practically alone! Total customization with more than 35 themes, 800 emoticons and much more. Easy, fast and fun.

4.) Duolingo, To Learn English For Free

If you have the target languages ​​but you always choke, don’t worry. Duolingo will make it easier for you to learn English or other languages (there are several to choose from).

Also, Duolingo does it in such a way that it seems like a game, but without being so simple. The format is entertaining and quality content. You can also practice oral, grammar, listening and vocabulary. Do not be left behind!

5.) Wunderlist, Meet Your Goals

We love lists. What’s more, we love crossing out things from the lists. Whether it is the purchase of the week, the sites to visit on the next trip or the planning of a project, it is always good to have everything pointed to make sure you do not forget anything.

Wunderlist makes it easy for you. You can create lists of everything you need and access them from your Smartphone, computer or tablet, and share them with whoever you want. You can schedule reminders, in case the memory fails you, as well as add photos, PDFs, presentations, and much more.

We believe that the free version is more than satisfactory for any user, but you can always level up with Wunderlist Pro, for $ 4.99 per month or $ 49 per year.

6.) Layout, The App To Combine Instagram Photos

The layout is an Instagram application that makes it easy for you to create original and fun mixes and compositions with the photos of your terminal. Have fun by sharing them with your friends!

You can take improvised photos with Photo Booth (integrated to it) and see at the moment various compositions to choose the one you like best. The interface and use are very intuitive and easy, allowing you 100% creative control. You can mix up to 9 different photos, give them many effects, flip them, increase them, reduce them … you choose. The composition is in your hands. Also, with the “Faces” tab, you can automatically search for photos of people.

7.) Filmic Pro, To Record Videos

Filmic Pro is a video app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that you cannot miss. And is that Filmic Pro works only with the latest models.

The application has different recording modes, allows you to record with the front camera, uses layers and colors and allows you to upload directly to six different sites, be it Dropbox, Tumblr, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or an FTP server.

There are some more apps that should be experienced but we don’t have the length to mention them all, especially apps made for event management and conferences you can test them through iPad Air, iPad Pro & iPad Mini Rental for events in UK & Ireland to get an idea.



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