7 Top Technological Trends in 2019!

Modern technological innovations fascinate people to a greater level as it could revolutionize their life for real. Modern movies are the best platforms where one could witness such breathtaking ideas. Well, the time has come where all such fictions are not just a story anymore. We tend to advance greatly in adapting modern technologies that make dreams to come true. Today we are about to see the top trending technological innovations that are yet to come in the year 2019 and in all the upcoming years to follow.

These below mentioned Top Technological Trends in 2019 details are backed up by the in-depth analysis of greater minds in the technological field from all around the world. So this is just a short guide to provide the required information in a more simple and easy way.

1) 5G Network

The idea of switching to more powerful networks remains paramount given the need for increased communication features that facilitates the business services. With 3G, 4G services around us the next-gen tech to join the list is the 5G. It denotes the Fifth generation of wireless cellular technology. 5G will use Radio access networking with a higher frequency through smaller and more Antennas than what is used for 4G today. Many of the global nations have already made a plan for establishing the 5G network and the work is in progress as we speak. It is said that such an advanced feature could provide the data accessibility of 10Gigabytes per second in the mobile phone internet usage. It is also estimated that this technology would reach about 40 % of the global population say roughly about 1.5 billion users by the end of 2020.

2) Edge Computing and Internet of Bodies (IoB)

We people are well familiar with the idea of how computing has become an inevitable part of our life. It is one of the major reasons with the skyrocketing advancements in the field of computers. Devices of this modern age handle quite an amount of data on a regular basis making it feasible for businesses to at the edge of revolution.  One of such common entities are the data centers. This involves raw computing powers to store huge amount of data that is crucial for the corresponding business.  Efficiency and the effectiveness of such data processing define the success of the business. So all of the business organizations are looking to get their hands on more advanced accelerators, GPU’s to be the top one. This makes it easy for machine learning or smart devices to be used in the IoT environment which is the future.

Here the data will be transferred in between the intermediate points near the destination. Such an approach reduces the time latency as it avoids the need for sending the data to a centralized cloud server. This, in turn, increases the Response time.technological trends in 2019

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is being commonly used among people; this also includes various self-monitoring devices. Well in recent times such advancement has progressed to the next level.

This includes Internet of Bodies that makes monitoring more personal and safe. One of the best examples of such a fact includes Digital pills. These modern gadgets enter our bloodstream and analyze the present condition and provide more accurate data that helps in effective treatment.  There are also other sensors that are being developed to respond to various surrounding environmental factors for better monitoring. As helpful as these modern gadgets are also one cannot deny that it questions one’s privacy risks.

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3) Autonomous Vehicles for Smart Transportations

The idea of smart traveling has been among us for years. But with all the recent developments the future of self-driving vehicles along with Digital assistance has already been launched. The first Autonomous vehicles were launched in Phoenix in November 2018. So, one could even say that we are just at the very beginning of this Autonomous vehicle boom. It is estimated that by the year 2050 these Autonomous vehicles will be $7 trillion worth industry.

But once again every scientific advancement comes with its own set of pros and cons. So let us wait to witness the upcoming events as it is better to play it safe than sorry!

4) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has become a common term in almost all line of our works. It makes our work much more efficient saving a greater amount of time and resources spent.


Latest trends on improving Cybersecurity is becoming a vital factor given increased digital data thefts. So many of the world nations tend to focus more on Machine learning and AI practices for better data protection.

Work Automation:

This also proves helpful in handling various social problems such as ensure agriculture, improve health, also ensure a good supply of food etc.

As mentioned earlier, This Artificial Intelligence also plays its part too well in carrying out certain tasks other than just as assisting vehicles. Thus resulting in the greater possibility of automating the work on various industrial platforms.

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5) Augmented Reality

This is another emerging trend among major business organizations. It involves the idea of improving the Big data with its new AI approach. This also involves the Machine learning features that make it easy to handle a large amount of data for better data Analysis.technological trends in 2019

Also, the AI supported chatbots have already taken the Business market to a whole new level. It is hoped that such advancements will soon be made available to in home appliances to provide better support to people with their day to day actions.

6) A Come back for Blockchain

Given 2018 didn’t go well for block chains it is believed that 2019 would be a miracle. One could expect many new changes in these platforms In terms of applications and new organizations. They will address the common challenges faced in the banking and the insurance sectors making 2019 a decisive year for this decentralized approach. Some of the early adopters have shown signs of confidence that 2019 is going to be Groundbreaking.

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 7) Social Credit Algorithms

As the name suggests, it involves the idea of Facial Recognition and other Biometric features to retrieve data from various online profiles including the social accounts of people.  Such an approach makes it easy to approve access to various products and social services. It is believed that some countries like China have already started using it for determining one’s loyalty to the state.

These are some of the most popular technological trends in 2019 and definitely not the only ones so let us wait and watch what 2019 is yet to bring.



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