Acer vs Asus!

Both of these are Taiwanese computer giants, both have their names starting from “A”, and guess what; one was founded by the employees of the other company.

Jokey? Anyways, these were sort of fun facts but do you have any idea what I am talking about?

Any guess? Yes, I am talking about the two evenly admired Taiwanese beasts i.e. Acer and Asus!

Well, the fact is, that when you cannot afford Apple, neither can you go for those, sort of pioneer, computer names i.e. HP, Dell, etc., and you want an ultimate value for your low bucks, you must find “Acer” and “Asus” in front of you, each yelling, I have the best solution for you!

So, to make you easily decide which one you should opt for when you are put before such a scenario, here is a brief yet holistic “Acer vs Asus” contest for you. If you’re looking for a new machine, you may go for any of them after reading this article. Let’s get into it.

Acer vs Asus – A Short Background


Formerly known as Multitech and renamed “Acer” in 1987, this computer and hardware manufacturing company was founded in 1976, in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Not only laptops or computers, but the company also covers the manufacture of a wide range of other products as well i.e. hardware components, cameras, projectors, etc. But for the moment, let`s only talk about its laptops.

So, the company has, throughout, produced tons of laptops catering to the needs of almost everyone. Some of its most prevailing laptop ranges include the Nitro, Swift, and the Predator laptops. Rest, it has everything that you are looking for.


Same everything i.e. headquartered in New Taipei, Taiwan, ASUSTeK Computer Inc. was founded in 1989 by four hardware engineers, all having previously worked at “Acer” as employees.

The company started basically as an OEM i.e. Original equipment manufacturer, and is thus, to date, carrying an edge over all other brands for its unmatched motherboards and other hardware components.

Well, Asus also deals in a wide array of products i.e. PCs, motherboards, workstations, and mobiles, etc. Anyways, the company has produced some great machines, of which, a few massively loved ones are its ZenBook, VivoBook, and other Chromebooks, etc., whereas the TUF and ROG are the beast gamers` series.

Acer vs Asus – Comparison

Let`s now get these two compared.

So, we will be comparing them based on the six key specs that one necessarily notice while making a laptop purchase. They include.

  1. The innards – technical components
  2. Screen and display
  3. Design and durability
  4. Pricing
  5. Innovative practices
  6. The after-sale service

So, let`s get started.

#1. The Technical Innards – Comparison

The key technical components that we`ll be comparing between both of these are the processor, memory and storage, and the battery. If seen holistically, you`ll find both the brands going hand-in-hand with each other.

Let`s check out how.

Acer vs Asus

If you are going for a high-end flagship machine, both these brands undoubtedly provide you with some ultimate and powerful specs. You’ll find a strapping processor, a mighty memory and storage, and much more, if and only if you are willing to spend high bucks.

But when talking about low-budget laptops, the Acer lags in the processor department. Yes, you`ll mostly find only a Dual-core processor in its low-end laptops as compared to Asus which is edged mostly towards Quad-core processors even at this level too.

When talking about battery, unlike Lenovo you`ll find Acer leading the race, for you`ll even find a four-cell battery too in some of its machines, whereas in Asus, you`ll only end up with a 3-cell battery, at max. Another fact about Acer is that along with gaming, it is used by the majority of students around the globe.

So holistically, both these brands are almost equal on the technical side.

#2. Screen and Display Quality

Acer vs Asus

It`s again a tie between these two.

Be it a 13-inched screen or 17-inched, you`ll find both the brands carrying a wide range of laptops with whatever screen size you want. The screen quality is, also, almost the same in both two, and the display resolutions can vary from a simple HD to 4K depending on your budget.

You`ll find the low-end laptops mostly carrying Intel`s Graphics integration in Acer, and Asus too. Whereas in the premium options, you`ll get the classic gaming-grade NVIDIA Graphics in both two.

Although one of Acer`s pure classy laptops i.e. Predator 21X carries a 21-inched screen. So that`s a pure exception.

#3. Design and Durability

Acer vs Asus

To be honest, Acer is straight away lagging in the Design department. Most of its laptops are quite simple and basic and feature no impressive or eye-catchy designs. Whereas Asus is doing well here. You`ll find a variety of designs in Asus`s arena.

Adding, if you are conscious about portability, you`ll find Acer and Asus both serving you well. Acer, although considered to be a brand making bulky machines, is the one introducing the ultra-thin laptops and thus some of its “Swift series” laptops are quite easily manageable.

On the other hand, Asus is nowhere lagging too. Its ultimate gaming laptop i.e. “ROG Zephyrus”, besides exhibiting an eye-catchy design, features a classic slimness and easy portability too.

Both the brands take the best care of durability assurance as well and provide you with metallic casings and sometimes military-grade builds as well in some laptops.

Still, Asus is considered to be a much durable option among these two.

#4. Pricing

Acer vs Asus

Since almost, all Acer`s low-budget laptops come with only a Dual-core processor, and for Acer is not much edged towards instilling eye-catchy designs in its laptops, you`ll find plenty of laptop options if you are having a really low budget.

As compared to that, for the Asus fits Quad-core processors in its laptops and take care of the design and looks too, in the same budget range, you`ll perhaps find very limited options in the same budget here

So, in pricing, I would say you`ll be well-off if you opt for Acer.

#5. Innovations – Comparison

Acer vs Asus

Both of these brands go hand-in-hand on the innovation side as well.

If you talk about Asus`s stunning ScreenPad idea, you can not ignore Acer`s LiquidLoop awesome cooling technology.

Acer, if, has introduced the novel screen rotations in its Predator Triton 900, Asus on the other hand, has featured a detachable keyboard in its ROG Mothership machine

If Acer featured a lightweight chassis, Asus has also featured ultra-easy portability in its gaming laptops even i.e. ROG Zephyrus, above all.

So, if seen holistically, both are beating each other consistently on the innovative side.

#6. After-Sale Service

Acer vs Asus

The customer support of both these brands is just fine and not excellent. Still, Asus is comparatively much better as compared to Acer, in terms of after-sale customer care.

It`s believed that in case of any issue, if you happen to contact Acer`s representative, you`ll be taxed all along the process and still the chances are that your query will stay unresolved.

Whereas in the case of Asus, where you already get a comprehensive warranty on your gadget, you are served quite well if you happen to contact the company in case of any issue.AndAsus`s online presence is even massively admired.

Bottom Line

Here, now to conclude out things, I would again say that both the brands i.e. Acer and Asus, are indeed the ultimate options for you if you have a low budget and are looking for the best value to your limited bucks.

Both produce a wide range of laptops compensating for the needs of everyone. But still, for you will certainly be purchasing only one laptop, you need only one best option.

Hence, again, if you don`t care about looks, need a fine long battery, and if you have an extremely low budget, go for Acer.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a well-built laptop that can provide the best value for your money, consider Asus.

What else to notice? Go and have a look into this Acer vs Asus thrilling contest.


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