Alexa Cortana Integration – A True Digital Wonder!

The long-awaited collaboration is here, Microsoft and Alexa voice assistants are working together sharing information to make people’s lives better. It is just a start! It proves much more helpful in terms of managing many organizational duties without involving greater efforts. Today one could access the Alexa on the windows 10 pcs and the Cortana on their echo devices. All it ever requires is a simple command of Alexa open Crotona and vice versa! However, it might sound simple and easy; getting the hang of two voice assistants operating side by side could be quite a challenge. This article is all about how Alexa Cortana integration work and how to access them more easily than ever.

Digital voice assistants are the personal friend in hand; they provide great support under various circumstances from setting an alarm to making personal calls, reminders for meetings and important events with just the voice command. But with the mending technology around us, it sure calls for the improved updates to be on the race. This idea of Cortana with Alexa is the first step!

Alexa Cortana integration

Cortana and Alexa are Buddies!

It is almost a year ago (August 2017) teaming these AI assistants to help one another was just an idea. Today we enjoy the new preview of this improved digital assistance and yet to witness its true power in the upcoming days. It proves more useful to those who use Windows 10 at their work and also owns the Echo device. Today it is easy to collaborate them with the three little magic words “Alexa, open Cortana” or vice versa and the magic happens!

Even with such collaboration, they are confined to certain limits of accessibility. However, the party is just getting started and the teams are working to extend the boundaries of this digital friendship to the next level.

Dawn Brun, Amazon’s spokeswomen made a statement last year saying  “once you open Cortana all of your voice data will be sent to Microsoft and not Amazon, And once you open up Alexa All your voice data will go to Amazon, not Microsoft”Alexa Cortana integration

For any Echo users to make use of Cortana one can enable it in the Alex app through “skills” feature. It works only on the Android, IoS platforms. One could find them on the Menu icon on the Top left corner of the application. Search for Cortana and enable it followed by logging into your Microsoft account. Such a connection could also be established by adding the Alexa on the Cortana assistant. (It is not possible in the mobile platform or Xbox One) This calls for the need for Windows 10 PC to launch Cortana and say “Open Alexa”

But the Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon on his Interview to New York Times said that he looks forward to possible future where digital assistants could route the user’s request to the right Assistant to provide better service.

Microsoft SEO Satya Nadella on his interview with New York Times last year has also stated that he hopes to see this new collaboration to be inspiring for the rivalry Tech giants like Apple & Google to give it a try!

Cortana via Alexa

Making use of Cortana through Alexa would really prove effective in handling many productive works. This includes setting up calendars or checking emails and to do add any items to your Microsoft to do list making work life to be more simple and easy.

Alexa through Cortana

A simple voice command of “Cortana, open Alexa” provides greater comfort. It involves adjusting thermostats for temperature control, ordering groceries to pick up later, controlling the lights in the buildings (remotely), also to check the status of Amazon orders.

In addition, it could also perform other tasks out of its amazon circles like weather details, game timings and etc. making life more simple, happy and enjoyable than ever.

Thus this modern Alexa Cortana integration is just a start and truly a wonder. However, they at still at the learning curve so it takes time to perfect it to cope with the modern lifestyle and the expectations of people.



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