Amazon Alexa In Windows 10 PCs

Technological advancements are always bliss. It improves our living standards and helps us to get better at all aspects. One of such most awaited moves includes the Alexa voice assistant on Windows, followed by the Alexa-Cortana integration. Two technological giants working side to side to serve people better is truly a vital one to remember.  It is the trending topic on the internet today. It was not long ago in August 2018 the idea of this collaboration was officially confirmed and today is the day it comes true. The Amazon Alexa app is now available for the Windows 10 pcs from the Microsoft store.  It is just a start! To know more about the Alexa in Windows 10 and its uses continue reading…..

Many believe that this would be the start of the modern digital era. It makes our life simple and easier in meeting both the personal and the business needs. Now People could enjoy this integrated approach on their PC. But one must remember only selected compatible PC’s could support the Alexa Hands-free approach. Currently, it is available in the US, UK, Germany and soon in other places. It is presently available for pc that runs on Windows 10 version 17134.0 or higher or also on Xbox One models. With this user could enjoy thousands of skills with just their voices with the help of “Wake word” option.  While other PC users could enjoy these skills too! (Well not in a hands-free way), but by using the Keyboard shortcut or by hitting the button on the Alexa app.Alexa in Windows 10

How to get started?

Well, it all starts with downloading the Alexa application by visiting the official Microsoft store.

  • Click “Get” option on the right side to download the application.
  • Open the Alexa app once it is installed
  • Tap “Set up Alexa
  • Select “Yes” to allow Alexa to access your PC’s microphone
  • Log into your Amazon account
  • Tap the Alexa button to enter your voice command

Alexa app on Windows 10 pc could help us with playing music, syncing calendar, creating lists, getting news updates, and so on. It also proves helpful in controlling other smart home gadgets in a simpler approach.  However, it cannot open Cortana or Spotify, stream videos and make calls. It is also said that the pc specific features for Alexa in Windows 10 are yet to come early in next year.

As this miraculous integration has been discussed for quite a time now, many of the computer brands like the Acer, HP, Lenovo, and Asus has agreed to partner up to integrate the Alexa voice assistant onto their upcoming laptops and the Desktop Pcs. Some of the laptops are being designed in such a way to be compatible with the Alexa-Cortana integration following their preview runs in August 2018 for windows 10 pcs, followed by Android and IoS devices in the future. So one could soon access Cortana on the Alexa enabled devices and Alexa on Cortana enabled devices as planned in the upcoming days.



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