What is All the Fuzz about Android Q?

Dark Mode, Built In Screen recording, Managing permissions, In app setting panel, Desktop Mode, Face ID, HDR 10+ and Etc

Mobile phones have become quite a part of our daily lives from waking us up to scheduling the meetings these modern handheld devices defines our daily plans. It is better to say that they have become a better partner one could ask for. But with all the technological fuss and the need for withstanding the business competition, it becomes necessary to evolve and move further. This is where the all-new Android Q features come into play!

Apart from just the sleek design, it is their features that matter at the end of the day. So, many of the top manufacturers spend billions in research into developing new updates and models to attract the general audience all the time. And with the given time period it has also become quite a common scenario. But some of these updates do seems to revolutionize the technological world. One of such recent advancements would include the Release of New Android Q beta version 1 for Mobile devices (Android) from Google.

Though it might look similar to the Android Pie (Android 9) yet it has some major changes that improve our usability. Though the Android 9 is being rolled out as we speak, and yet this All new Android Q is about to hit the market anytime soon.

As of now Android Q Beta 1 is the most recent update available and the further updates are scheduled in the upcoming days.

So it is better to get clear with the idea of what it brings to prep ourselves to make smart choices.

Below are some of the most common questions that arise when people speak of Android Q. This includes,

  • What Is It Exactly?

To simply put, it is the next generation of the Android OS introduced by Google that runs on mobile platforms.

  • When Will It Be Available?

At present, It is just the First beta Version (Android Q Beta 1) has been released and One could download them Now. This is available for Google Pixel phones which include Pixel, Pixel 2, and pixel 3 devices. One has to sign up for the Beta program on the Android Beta program website to get the Over the air update notification to download and install Android Q. With that being said other beta versions of Android Q are about to follow (Beta 2 in April, Beta 3 in May, Beta 4 in June, followed by Beta 5 & 6 in July). And the whole complete application is expected to be deployed in August 2019.

  • What About its Cost?

It is expected to be Free of Cost as same as that of previous Android Versions.

Android Q features

Features of Android Q:

Android Q has seemed to offer some cool features such as Bubblehead Chat notifications. Just like the Messanger applications, one could move the notifications on the screen and could place them on the left or right side of the screen.

One could tap the bubble to open the notification and it is also possible to respond to chats without even opening the apps.

Well, this raises the question, whether it would completely replace the current notification practices or it is just a supplementary one? Well, I am just as curious as you to get the answers but that have to wait till the Final Android Q is out!

Below are some of the interesting features made available in Android Q Beta 1 release.  Let us see what the real fuss is all about…

1) Improved Managing Permissions

Privacy is becoming a major concern in the digital world. So this Android Q brings some serious changes in terms of managing one’s smartphone privacy.

It provides detailed information about what and how much permission are used and what are the applications that are accessing it.

This is more specific when it comes to applications that read your Location details. Whenever such apps are accessed you will receive a pop-up asking, whether you want to grant access to the particular application all the time? Or just when the application is running or Not at all!

2) New Theming Options

This New Android Q Beta 1 provides the facilities to change the accent color of the Entire UI. Blue Black, purple, and Green are the available colors as of now.

3) Improved Sharing Menu

Accessing the share Menu in Androids phones requires patience. Well the upcoming Android Q has sorted out this issue. According to Google’s blog post, the share Menu will open instantly when it is launched. Thus making it one of the best additions ever made.

Android Q features

4) Built-in Screen Recording

The long-awaited Built-in screen recording has been successfully implemented in Android Q Beta 1. This could be accessed with the Voice Command or Tapping on the center of the Mobile screen.

5) Foldable Phones

We know that Google has been working to bring the Foldable features to Android, it is possible now! It also provides other improvements such as apps resize and more additional support for multiple app switch displaying.

6) Dark Mode

Getting a dark theme is what the majority of the Android users in all the previous versions. But with the report from the xda developers, there is a greater chance that the new Android Q has a Dark mode.  When enabled it takes over the launcher, volume control, settings and etc. Apart from Google apps, it can also work on other third-party applications that even do not have dark theme options.

7) In-app setting panel

In the upcoming Android Q, it is believed that users could easily toggle things like cellular connectivity, wifi without any need for visiting the settings menu. This saves quite a time and comes handy when needed.

8) Desktop Mode

One of the most interesting options is to enable the Desktop mode. Though it may not be confirmed according to the reports one could see the options such as “Force Desktop mode”. Even though it hasn’t worked but it could be a hint that Google is working on it.

9) Bye-Bye to Back Buttons

Back buttons are available in almost all of the android devices. But with the Android Q, it seems that Google has come up with a way to get rid of it. According to the reports of XDA Developers Here all it involves is a little gesture (Dragging the Home Icon to the left will enable the user to go back.

Though it might sound intriguing, it might get harder for some people to get used to them.

10) HDR 10+ Support

Everybody loves capturing videos on Good quality that could become best memories. Google has built HDR10+ support in the Android Operating system ensuring the best video captures no matter the types of apps that the user tends to use. In addition, Android is also getting support from AV1 Video Codec to stream High-quality videos with ease.

11) Face ID is Here!

At last, it is time that Android users get to enjoy what iPhone users have bragged for quite a while now, Face ID recognition. It is, however, unclear how whether it makes combined use of various data from various sensors or follows any other method. But it is certain that it requires specialized hardware tools or other rights specs that need to be installed for Face id to work. Though it doesn’t work as of now but with the XDA reports it has hinted us with the notifications saying, “Use your face to unlock your phone or sign into apps or authorize purchases”.

These are some of the Android Q features that we know as of now but with the all the upcoming beta versions arriving shortly. It is truly exciting to know what the complete package of Android Q or Android 10 is yet to bring! Some even say that it is going to be a real game Changer! Let us wait and watch.



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