Apple Will Not Sell Your Data – Here Is Why!

We people have come a long way in terms of technological developments. These modern advancements improve our living standards. It is one of the most debatable topics of our time but many or it is what many tend to believe so. But one of the most certain facts is that it has made us busy with our personal and business lives. This, in turn, has resulted in the search for a new modern entertaining medium to blow off some steam.  Today there are many modern gadgets available that make our search much more simple and easy than ever. Though it could prove more valuable yet the real question is are we really safe? Are these gadgets spying on us? Are they looting our personal data to make some extra money?

Well, such questions have become more of a harsh reality given the recent Facebook incident. So it is time we turn all the cards on the table to get a better hang of this so-called modern digital platform and the gadgets.

Apple is one of the most preferred brands across the globe as they are well known for their craftsmanship and innovative features. But let us not forget why we are here!

Does this article all about know how much does the apple actually “know” about us?  And what could be done about it?

Many of us familiar with the fact that Apple devices are more secure ones. However, with Security threats are becoming more reality it questions our trust over apple security on user’s data.

Tim Cook says…

According to the Head of Apple Inc. Tim Cook has made some bold statements explaining how their company thinks of their customers. He said, “The truth is, we could make a ton of money if we monetized our customer — if our customer was our product and we’ve elected not to do that.”apple security on user’s data

In fact, apple gathers more information than Facebook and Google to serve better to its customers. From simple movie & music suggestions to its location details apple stores all the data for better assistance.  It has also been stated in the company’s privacy policies that this information will be shared with some “strategic partners” to provide better service to its customers and also with law enforcement.

Apple also allows some applications like Facebook to access these data; it also provides a certain space for advertising.

However one of the most interesting things about apple is that it imposes more restrictions on such data access. This greatly limits the type of information being accessed. Such limitations are also applicable to its own access. For example, iPhone anonymizes the location unless you prefer, “Find My iPhone” It also employs the idea of “Differential privacy” policies to provide a different level of information access.

He also believes that imposing limitations for data access is a great way to ensure security. However, as time flies people could develop the idea of monetizing the information. This is why these companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have enacted strict policies that help users to take control of storing their data and erasing it.

How To Get the Data?

Apple has launched a portal in May for European users to get the information about their data stored with Apple.  Also, Apple users from Canada, New Zealand, and Australia could make use of them. The user has to make a request directly to Apple and wait for a few days. It is because once the request is made apple would prepare to submit the file containing all the requested information.  Such a method of approach is Apple’s initiative in compliance with the new data protection rules and regulations to ensure the security of the User’s data.

This portal contains the data like Photos, documents, app store purchase details, iCloud Data, and etc. One has to access Apple’s privacy website and log in to their Apple account.


  1. Click on “Manage your privacy” then select “Take control of your Data
  2. Click “Visit Your Data and Privacy Page
  3. Select “Get a Copy of your Data

Choose the data that you like to download and the process might take seven days. Apple takes this time to check the integrity of this request whether it is raised by the actual customer or a fraudulent one.

In addition, one could also delete all such information just by selecting the “Delete your account” option on Apple’s privacy website.

Thus it is very clear that it provides people control over their data thereby ensuring apple security on user’s data.

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