Apple has been focusing on updating its features that can assist the users. From its operating system, applications and its defaulted features, everything is receiving new updates. The company has made some changes to the Share button. Its usability and efficiently are completely modified in the latest iOS 13 and iPad OS. Some new and useful features are also added to make the sharing feature more convenient.


Apple updated the share button in iOS 13 beta which it launched a couple of years ago. It allows you to share documents, images, and other things from any application. It lets you have control over your device so you can manage every function. Also, it enables you to access multiple apps and save things in different storage services. It is now easier for you to share files with the people in your contact list.

Here are some exciting new updates about the modified share button that works great on iOS 13 and iPad OS:


The first thing that will appear on your screen is the design of the Share Sheet has changed. A variety of colors are added to make it edgier. The icons are also redesigned and cleaned up a little that makes the share sheet look pretty spacious.

The second thing that you’ll explore is all the changes and additional features that are added to the share sheet.

The first row now has a lot more to offer. It allows you to access local AirDrop volumes (just like the previous share sheet feature) though it is highly updated and offers intelligent recommendations of people you might want to talk (with AI). The company is adding APIs so you can see search the most relevant apps in the first row.

The second row offers a quick and easy way to access all the applications. Though the AI in your iPhone will make sure that you get to see the most relevant content you can interact with.

The third row has been replaced by a list of actions and shortcuts keys. The shortcut keys include, Copy, Add to Home Screen, Create PDF and Siri shortcut suggestions. All these actions and shortcuts are contextual which means you get to see the most relevant of them.

For iOS 13 beta users, Apple has tweaked the third-row actions. As the users were complaining to manage the list of actions in the third row, the company now offers several ways to align and customize the actions.

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To offer an improved experience to the customers, Apple launched sections to break the sharing in segments. It has become easier to organize the order in which all the actions are performed and conveyed. To access all the sharing tools, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the share menu and tap manage. By tapping on the manage button you will find some options for Favorites (the actions you use the most) at the top which cascades down to the actions specified by the current app (where you can add Bookmark in Safari) and other actions at the end.

To add an action to favorite’s column, you need to look closely and see if you find any actions listed with a green plus sign on the left. To add that specific action in your favorites, just tap the green icon. You can change the order of appearance of Favorite actions by pressing your finger on the action for a couple of seconds then drag the action to its relevant or useful position. Also, apple’s defaulted actions cannot be removed or replace though you can disable the third party actions and place them wherever you want.


Safari has received some updates; you can access new options that enable you to email a web page directly as a link, as a PDF or in Reader view from the Share Sheet. It allows you to access options for any app just by tapping the blue options button on the share sheet. The features are set by default so you cannot remove it or customize it.

While sharing your images, videos or other multimedia, you will be provided with the power of decision making whether you wish to share your location or any further attachment with it or not. You can also access multiple redesigned sharing icons and a variety of additional share items in Photos. However, it is important to review all kinds of share options before you begin sharing as the contextual sharing items can be different in some applications.

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