Artificial Intelligence and Humor: The Mighty Collaboration that Rules Our Future

Artificial intelligence is the latest buzz in our human race. While watching Interstellar, we see that Cooper setting Tars (robot) humor sense to 75%, this is when my doubts about a robot’s humor sense start. Do they really crack jokes or how is it feels when you have a robot aside? I had started to wonder about the results when technology meets humor. Will their joke be lame or something exceptional which girls love to keep them around? So many questions are nagging my mind. If this combo works, this is a deadly combination after cast and politics or beauty and brain.

Yes, comedy is a serious business so does the robotics. What if the both collaborate? Whenever we get stressed or solitude bothers us, this mighty collaboration will become our salvation.  Comedy or any kind of humor is not a simple thing, we humans with self-awareness, empathy and communication skill often fails to create a joke and end up with something lame. Seems, there are obstacles surrounded when a robot allowed interpreting and understanding our comedic taste and impulse.

Comedic taste does differ around the age; when a kid found a joke not all the time adults found funny. Complications on bringing humor sense for a robot or any artificial intelligence is an intimidating task but not something impossible.

Digital Humor

Digging this topic deeply, we can fish out the voice of veterans involve on robotics. As we all know, digital humor systems brew humor on their own distinct style. Veterans in this field are working hard to let robots to understand human emotions. By observing human face reactions, they have developed to understand our emotional state. When they understand emotions and empathy, cracking jokes is not mission impossible.

Development of software industries helps robots or any artificial intelligence to find out the right time to pause and start when cracking a joke by understanding facial expressions of people.

Data storage plays a vital role when a robot or any artificial intelligence to crack a joke. By processing those data, it paves a way to fish out jokes that had worked and not worked. The experience might make them a veteran and serve humans better.  In the forthcoming days, we see many companies started to work in this arena and get results. 

A Rightful Companion

Many have doubts that do an artificial intelligence really need intelligence?  What is it impact on our society? Think about a robot with good humor sense on your bad time right next to you. What if it senses your anger or stress and brings you normally with its sense of humor.  An adult may not be in need of any such artificial intelligence around them, but elder people may need. They are the people who often deals solitude or on another word, annoyed by solitude. Think about a compact robot right next to them and make them feel warm with its jokes.

A huge change society is about to face when the robots or any artificial intelligence gets fully developed on humor. The results can only be understood when we such revolution hits us.


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