What Is New In Google Chrome 69?

The Internet has come a long way in technological advancements and user’s preferences in recent decades. It is not long ago Google introduced their browser called Chrome that revolutionized internet usage to a greater level. It is a decade now chrome has recently celebrated its 10th birthday with some improved features that would make you go Wow! The complete details of such advanced features of google chrome 69 updates are discussed in detail below.

Google chrome is one of the most commonly used internet browsers on a global level though there are many competitors in the market, its simple design and improved speed of access make it much more preferable. However, the internet gets improved with modern technological advancements in order to be in the race. This calls for frequent updates to simplify their search and also to retain their trust among people. This new Chrome 69 update is filled with surprises including increased speedy web access and improves search bars and their design chrome 69

How do I Get It?

It is easy; one could easily download the whole new Chrome 69 with a few clicks. The desktop version of chrome update involves the following steps.

  • Open your chrome browser
  • Click on the three-dot icons on the rightmost corner
  • Select settings
  • Select Menu bar
  • Choose About Chrome
  • Update to the latest version (Chrome 69)

In the case of Mobile phones, one could get this latest update from the Google Play store (for Android) or Apple App store for IoS mobiles.

Improved Design Features

Chrome 69 has undergone greater changes in terms of the user interface. In other words, it has adapted to its Material Design 2 philosophy to provide whole new looks and features.  People now could enjoy easy surfing with stylish icons and improved color palettes.  In the case of the IoS platforms, the toolbar has been moved to the bottom for easy access.

In addition to all such features, Chrome 69 also involves other customizable options. Now people could enjoy their desired background in terms of New Tabs. Also, it involves adding a new shortcut to the sites you visit. Though in the previous cases it would be recently visited pages here one could choose the particular site to be accessed chrome 69

Improved Omni Box

Chrome search box simplifies the idea of internet surfing, it provides numerous suggestions that help one to pick rather than typing it. Well with the improved Chrome 69 this search box (often referred to as Omni box) has surely updated to work more efficiently and simply. This smart Omni box displays information on the Translations, Weather, public figures, and other related answers to your search questions.

It is also said that people could access their Google drive files from the Search bars in the Foreseeable future.

Easy Signups

Chrome 69 reduces the burden of people in terms of logging into their desired web pages. This is made possible with the help of the newly improved password manager. When an individual sign up on any of the websites the login credentials will be auto-saved onto their Google account. So when the particular individual visits the particular site again there is no need for him/her to go through the login process once again. This saves quite time. In addition, as such login credentials are stored in the Google account; one could enjoy these features in terms of both the computers and the mobile platforms.

Advanced AI & Machine learning

Google has made real impressive work in terms of their AI and Machine learning in recent years. And this development is ongoing. With the latest google chrome 69 browser update, it mainly focuses on simplifying the information search and presenting it in much simpler terms that one desires. One could witness these changes in the Google translate features.

Well, other than AI developments they also focus on machine learning to ensure the secured internet access. This involves finding Phishing and malware sites and in recent times, it has extended its operation in terms of other malicious extensions as well.


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