HTTP sites are insecure, Says Google

HTTPS Is the Future

Google’s recent announcement of “HTTP sites are insecure” is the talk on the internet today. The Digital giant has made it much clear that HTTPS sites will do have the upper hand in its ranking factors. This changes everything!

People make use of the internet on a regular basis. It has become an inevitable part of our lives. Almost all of our personal and business activities involve the internet at all times. It is good to say we are about to go completely digital in the upcoming days. As it might sound delightful yet it also brings great horrors along with it. One of the most important ones includes people’s safety. Like in real life one could lose everything in the digital platform too. So many experts are working around the clock to minimize it as much as possible.

We, people, make use of modern gadgets and digital tools every day. Internet browsers are the first of their kind and also key to the modern internet world. It simplifies the work of people to a greater extent. As technology develops, there are many of them today. Even with such broad choices, Google chrome is the most popular one around the globe. It is more users friendly and has gained more trust among people over the years.

Almost the majority of the SEO works are more focused on getting into the right side of Google. So any changes or updates from them are a real deal in the modern business industry.

Chrome is always more concerned about the safety of people, and as the Digital universe (Internet) expanding every day, this brings us to the need for being up to date to be in the race in the long run.

Google has come up with various technical updates on a regular basis, but one of the most groundbreaking ones is its idea of addressing “HTTP sites are insecure.” Though many experts have provided a detailed report of the importance of the secured network, Google’s recent update puts it straight to the people’s faces.

HTTP sites are insecure

What is this HTTPS?

To start simple, HTTPS refers to “Hypertext Transfer Protocol” with an “S.” It denotes SSL that stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It indicates the secured connection between the website and the internet. So it best answers all. The Internet is nothing as it appears to be! It is all of binary and program codes. So it follows specific protocols to keep everything in check. Like the real modern world, this digital realm runs on rules, and it also has its pitfalls. So it is the duty of the browsers from helping people to stay away from such sites that might comprise their confidential data from falling into the wrong hands. So they enable several modern security practices. Among which this HTTPS is the predominant one. It denotes that the website data is secured and it is safer for anyone to access them when needed.

Well Researched Idea!

The idea of Google preferring HTTPS as a ranking signal has been around us for quite a time. Google has been pushing the idea of moving to HTTPS sites for many years now. And it is here for this mid-summer along with its release of chrome68.

This HTTP feature proves more useful with the following factors.

Encryption and Data Integrity:

  • Encrypted data is more secured which dramatically reduces the possibilities of eavesdropping. By this way, people could stop concerning more about digital data theft.
  • And this encrypted data does not suffer any changes while transmitting which is excellent given the increasing business activities.

Improves SERP Ranking:

  • This HTTPS mode of access also prevents the loss of the referral data while the user moves from a Secured site to an unsecured one. This will boost Google’s ranking.
  • This encrypted feature also makes a more significant deal in SERP results. When two or more of sites compete for the top position with all similar characteristics, then one with the HTTPS will surely have the higher preference.

HTTP sites are insecure

Easy Mobile accessibility:

  • Mobile usage has revolutionized the way websites work. The majority of people make use of mobile devices to access the internet easily. This brings us to the need for optimizing the websites to be mobile-friendly versions. This calls for the term Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This HTTPS site loads websites instantaneously without any need for the wait. It is one of the emerging ranking factors of Google these days. So many experts suggest that HTTP sites are insecure so one must migrate into HTTPS to get a head start among others in the business race.

And it is also mentioned in one of their blog posts that by the time of October 2018 Google will show a Red sign of “Not secure” on the address bar of the HTTP sites with its upcoming chrome 70 update. So it is better to migrate to HTTPS to make better use of the internet for good in the upcoming days.



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