Google Voice Access on Android Smartphones – An innovative Approach!

The lives of people are getting smarter every day with modern technologies and their gadgets. When speaking of such modern techies, smartphones are the obvious things that come to our mind which has made our life simple and easier than ever. Everyone tends to depends on them in one way or the other and some need it so badly than the rest. So one could even say that life without smartphones would be a nightmare! Like any modern technology, Smartphones are subjected to a wide range of innovations in order to make them much “smarter” than before. Well, Google’s new Voice access is the one that we are here to discuss that intrigues people with its hands-free approach! Following is the best information about Google voice access on android and its effective usage.

Voice access is not “just another Google application” for the Android mobile platform. It provides a whole new approach to handling all our daily needs with no hands or tapping on the screen. This saves quite time and effort and providing the window to multitask. All it ever requires is our voice command to act accordingly. Though Google Assistant is an existing voice assistant to ease the navigation, this new voice access takes it to the next level.

Getting Bored With Ok Google?

Many of us would have faced situations where saying “Ok Google” repeatedly could really get annoying. Well, this new voice access has put an end to it! So enjoy navigating your mobile errands with just the right voice command.Google voice access on android

How Does It Work?

Well, as mentioned earlier this voice access application provides complete hands-free approach making it more preferable. However getting to know how it really operates could prove helpful for its effective usage. When the application is turned on, it adds a number to the all the on-screen elements all it ever requires is to call out the particular on-screen number or the name of the option to access it. When the corresponding voice command is received the particular element is accessed as similar to being “tapped”

  • Android 5.0 or above OS version is needed.
  • One must also install Google app and the Voice Access application from the Play store.
  • Use Google now launcher (recommended)
  • Setup Ok Google detection in order to make voice commands when needed.
  • It also requires various accessibility permissions to contact, voice recorders and etc
  • Download a language for offline speech recognition
  • Open Settings>Accessibility>Voice Access>ON/OFF
    • If the voice match is ON say Ok Google
    • If not Open your Notification shade and click “ Touch to start” Voice Access Notification
  • When you say Ok Google for the next time, the Voice access mode is activated and you are good to go!

Such a method of operation is mainly focused on helping people with disorders like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. However, with every growing busier lifestyle it best suits people who are always a handful of their work.

Voice to Text!

One of the most interesting features of this new application is that it allows people to enter text without actually typing it. This could be more useful in terms of composing a text message or an email.  All of this adding text could be done over voice command. Here one could also add the phrase like Replace, Delete, Redo, Capitalize to edit the particular text.

This Google voice access on android can also perform the tasks of google assistant like setting an alarm or running search related queries with an ease.

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