The Most Important Features to Look for in Smartphones

How can you quickly select interesting smartphones when browsing the shop specifications? Probably some of the features will be more important to us than others, but what exactly is the attention of a game lover, what a businessman who often travels to, and what a sociable high school student? Bloggingranjit will give clear clarification about more features of smartphones. Below we find the most important information in a nutshell, and we can look at the development of interesting issues in other parts of this Guide for buying smartphones

Processor, Graphics Accelerator

A fast processor is the basis for convenient smartphone operation, ensures the smooth operation of the user interface and applications. The higher the resolution of the screen, the more efficiency we need for smooth UI support. In this situation, the tandem exam is very good: a good processor and graphics accelerator.

For office applications, we are looking for devices with a processor speeding around 500 MHz or more, an 800 MHz processor or faster will be useful for entertainment and general applications; a great duo will be also: a processor plus a 3D graphics accelerator. • RAM and ROM memory. As in a PC – memory is never too much, so let’s look for PDAs with at least 256 MB RAM and ROM. • Screen

The Comfort of Use Starts From 3.5 Inches

It could be generalized. However, it can also work well on 3.2-inch screens; smartphones with such screens are also physically smaller and lighter. The resolution of smaller screens should be at least 320×480 pixels, on the larger screens; the ideal resolution is 480×800 pixels. Further choices (AMOLED technology or TFT, capacitive or resistive screen) are no longer so obvious and require a bit more extensive explanation – these issues are addressed in other chapters of the Guide.iphone

Hardware Keyboard

A great thing for people who intend to write a lot, for them the hardware QWERTY keyboard proves to be necessary and much better than screen displays. Editing, creating documents, chatting on GG, writing long e-mails or even text messages – after pulling a convenient keyboard will be fast and error-free.


Unfortunately, cameras installed in smartphones are not the highest flights, to put it mildly. Therefore, do not expect outstanding image quality, especially in low light conditions.

The resolution of the camera matrix is not so important, the average value is currently 5 megapixel, but it must be noted whether the camera has sometimes useful flashing diodes – sometimes they can be used as a handy flashlight, and sometimes with them we will make a clear, sharp photo of a business card or a piece of text .

The camera can also usually record movies. It’s nice if it’s VGA resolution or larger at 25 frames per second – these are approximate parameters that we should follow if we’re interested in that option.


It is not the battery capacity that is important, but the duration of operation of a given device on the battery power supply. We should critically approach the manufacturer’s data, these are values measured under ideal conditions. We are counting on the fact that almost every smartphone after a day of intensive use will need to be connected to a charger.

Samsung’s Omnia series (AMOLED screen has low energy consumption) is now the longest battery life, and business PDAs are doing well in this field.

Operating System

We currently have several systems on the market for mobile devices: Windows Mobile, Symbian, Google Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, Apple OS, Maemo. Choosing the system for ourselves we have to be aware of the consequences – a particular smartphone model works only on one system, it is not possible to install several different OSs as in PeCet. In a nutshell – for the majority of novice users the best will be simple to use, intuitive Android or versatile Windows Mobile Pro version 6.1 or 6.5 equipped with a modern overlay like Sense or Touch Wiz.

Other Features

Users can also have their own requirements, without which they will not be satisfied with the given model. You must think before buying whether you will not need a smartphone, such as FM radio, USB Host function, TV output, WiFi mode as Access Point or a seemingly trivial 3.5 mm jack.

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