Amazing New Android P Features That You Should Know!

Smartphones are one of the greatest technological advancements of our time. It is not long ago we started using standard phones for communication, then came the mobile devices making it more comfortable and easier. With smartphones around, distant communication has become simpler than ever. These smartphones have completely outranked their ancestors and top on the list certainly. Google recently launched a New Android Pie OS for mobile phones and this article is all about the Android P features that are irresistible.

Any update in the smartphone industry will sure make a great impact on the lives of people. These updates have also become more common in recent years. One of the most intriguing ones in recent days includes Google’s new mobile operating system called Android Pie or Android P (starting with its own Pixel devices).

The basic idea of any smartphone is to simplify the work of people and provide a more comfortable living. This whole new Android P has definitely taken it to the next level, making it the trendsetter for future techs.

Android Pie OS (Android P)

Ever wondered what makes smartphones so special? Why do people love them so much? Well, the answer comes down to piles of program codes that we call Operation system or OS. It provides all the essential features that one always looks up to in any modern smartphone. Speaking of the highlights of Android Pie or Android P, It comes with greater upgrades and new features.Android P features

Digital Wellbeing

It is more common to see people say that using smartphones more could affect one’s day-to-day activities; it could also result in addiction. As all such points prove to be valid, many people have started concerning more about them. But with the world getting more used to the digital environment, smartphones have become inevitable. This calls for effective measures to handle smartphones in the right way to enjoy the benefits. This paves way for digital wellbeing where the unwanted usage of smartphones is greatly reduced.

The other major reason associated with the quality usage of smartphones is its improved security features. The new Android P version has taken these matters in hand making it much more than just a regular OS upgrade.

Smart App Timer

Effective use of any smartphone is all about the applications it can control. Many of the recent studies show that people tend to use fewer mobile applications but spend a lot of time on them. So Android P update provides the precise time information spent on each application.

It also makes use of timer settings to cut down the particular application after a specified period of time.  One could even say that this makes Smartphones even Smarter!

It is undeniable that the business life of people has taken a toll with the advent of smartphones. The Pie upgrade allows the users to make effective use of their smartphones by building separate user profiles. So, one could just turn down his/her work mode once the work is done. This way one could focus more on their work as there are no disturbing factors.

Adaptive Battery & Brightness

Android Pie also makes a better move in predicting the battery consumption of the apps that you are likely to use in the near time and neglecting the others (smarter isn’t it!). It also involves adaptive brightness settings to control the screen brightness under different lighting conditions.Android P features

Simplified Search Functions

The improved OS provides a new option called “slices” (Interactive snippets) that enables the user to get a preview of the app. This also focuses on improved Phone navigation. Try searching at the Search bar and it will fetch the information without moving across different pages of the application.

The Navigation has also been greatly improved with the single Search button rather than three as in the older ones. A single swipe could get you what you need!

After all Android Pie reduces the work to get the actual result making it more suitable for our busier lifestyle.

Improved Privacy!

Speaking of modern advancements, the key factors associated with any modern digital tool are privacy and data protection. Given the recent incidents with Facebook, the need for privacy has become more of a pressing concern among people. Well, Android Pie takes such factors into consideration and serves the following functions in return.

  • Android Pie provides plenty of improved features that ensure safer and secured data and internet access.
  • It restricts access to the camera, microphone, and other sensors for any application which is idle or running in the background.
  • It encrypts the backup data with Client-side secret ( making use of the PINs, pattern & passwords)
  • Android Pie also provides more standardized Biometric authentication procedures along with several new security features.
  • Cash transactions are also made highly secure with the UI of the compatible hardware.
  • It also makes use of tamper-resistant hardware access to avoid any data theft by any malware on the network.

Thus to summarize it all, Android P is surely a step towards a well-advanced communication platform. All of the above-mentioned Android P features are solid evidence that people are yet to witness the true wonders of modern technology that might change the way they look up to smartphones these days.



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