Office 365 is Better Than Office 2019 says Microsoft

Microsoft wants you to Say No to Office 2019!

Microsoft office one of the well-renowned software used among billions of people around the world has come up with a Shocking Ad. It is no wonder that people tend to get their hands on this new update that makes their work life much simple & easier. Being in the industry for more than three decades the recent ad campaign for their new office suite office 365 have become the trending topic on the internet day.

The idea of the ad campaign portrays the debating the pros and cons of their own office 2019 suite against the office 365.  Many would think that such an ad could affect their business but on the contrary, they focus diverting the crowd into using Microsoft office 365 subscriptions.

Why office 365?

This is the question that arises among majority of people with the new Microsoft’s ad. Well, to start one could say this office 365 is smarter in many ways. We all knew that Microsoft office packages are used all across the globe and come in more than 100+ languages. Apart from simple documentations it also includes the software platform for managing business operations like Office Business application brands. They also run on all major operating systems like Windows, Mac PC, and even in Android and IoS OS versions. So, it is safer to say that office integration has made into roots deep into all sorts of business platforms.

Even with such vast network, this whole new office 365 has got some tricks under its sleeves. They are cloud-based platforms that serve best in house app services like Excel, PowerPoint, one drive and etc. This could be accessed from anywhere with any device. This clearly shows the versatility of usage which proves greater help to people. So with their office 2013 update, Microsoft has focused on prioritizing the office 365 as their best service available. Being such a subscription model it does not come under various “On-premises” license terms. With the given period of time, this new subscription model based business has resulted in greater sales results than the licensed ones.

So with all these in mind, Microsoft has made a great leap into promoting their office 365 with the concept of twins debating the pros and cons of other Microsoft packages like office 2019.

Well apart from the easy accessibility and the cool features, this office 365 could be accessed only via subscriptions which prove way more profitable to the company than providing the perpetual license to the office 2019.

Microsoft office 365 subscriptions

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 Office 2019 Vs office 365

Being Up-to-date becomes more vital given the increasing business competitions.  With all the modern business adapting to the digital platform the idea of using “Latest” software tools is the smart choice.

This modern Microsoft office 365 offers you such an elegant opportunity to get smarter!

Even though the office 2019 and other such packages are useful but it lags when it comes to being updated on its features.

In the case of the Office 2019, one could have made a one-time purchase to use it but it tends to get outdated with time. If one wants to enjoy the latest features one must wait and buy the whole package.

Whereas in case of the Office 365 being a subscription package user gets to enjoy all the latest features online at all time.

It also provides the required office features (PowerPoint, word document and etc.) along with cloud technologies and improved security updates making it more preferable. It also allows users to share their subscription pack among a small group or family (6 members) and to be used in various PCs, tablets and phones.

These subscriptions are available in various packages like Small Business, Enterprise, Schools, and Education. So, one could choose any of the packages that they find suitable for their needs.

Twin Challenges

The Twins challenge by Microsoft is the one that circles the whole internet in the recent days.  It all starts with Saying Providing Identical task to identical Twins. One uses the office 2019 and the other with the Office 365 to get the work done as quickly as possible.

The First challenge involves working entering data in the Excel worksheet. Here the Office 365 has the cool Excel data types features that fetch relevant information while in Normal office 2019 one has to browse the internet for all the information to be entered in the cells.

The Second involves twins who are preparing their Resumes for job search. Here the User with Office 365 seems to get all the help from the intelligent tools in Office 365. While in case of the office 2019 one gets it done in a really long time (considering the office 365-time record).

One more experiment deals with the idea of finishing the half-done PowerPoint presentation. Here the User with the office 365 gets to enjoy some of the inbuilt features of an easy selection of slide designs.

And one of the most attractive features is that office 365 offers ink to text conversion. Here the user could manually write with a stylus on the screen.  Once it is done it could be converted into digital text. All it takes is the user has to circle the ink written text. This saves quite a time and effort.

It is clear that Microsoft recommends user to Say No to Microsoft office 2019 move on from the usual one-time pay office packages and to try out the new Microsoft office 365 subscriptions based version. It is clear evidence that modern trends in the technological aspects prove quite efficient and effective in terms of results.



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