Upcoming Windows 10 Update On Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has been lagging behind the rivals in the web browser segment for quite some time. Despite its repeated efforts to revamp the aging Internet Explorer browser and introducing its successor named Edge, rival browsers like Firefox and Chrome have captured the majority of market share in the last decade. While Edge browser offers faster performance and enhanced features compared to IE, it has not been much successful in wooing the majority of web users, including those using Windows 10. It seems the upcoming Windows 10 update will focus majorly on Microsoft edge development along with unveiling other software updates.

The New Insider Preview Focusing on Edge

Microsoft recently unveiled a new Insider Preview build which adds lots of security features and enhancements to the Edge web browser. The primary text editor Notepad, which ships with all versions of Windows, also gets some nifty new features. The Insider Preview Build 17713 is being deemed as an essential update to Windows 10 by the tech experts. Windows Insider is Microsoft’s open software testing program enables users with valid Windows 10 license to test pre-release builds which were earlier given only to the developers. This preview release also brings a few new sign-in methods.

Notepad Receives a Much-needed Boost

While Microsoft focused on upgrading its popular commercial Office productivity suite MS Office over the years, the Windows integrated text editor Notepad was left mainly ignored. With the ‘Build 17713’ the change is going to be significant. The Company’s blog post mentions Notepad getting a useful “wrap-around” option to enhance the find feature. Besides, Notepad will let the users zoom in into text using standard keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft edge development

Edge To Get More Functionality

The much-touted browser, which is bundled in with users, Windows 10 will get several enhancements in the coming days, as per the updates.

  • The users can choose to let media autoplay work on every website or site of their choice.
  • The browser now comes with a built-in dictionary which is handy for use in Reading view. It can be launched easily too.
  • The in-browser PDF viewer also gets some enhancements including a new toolbar.
  • The browser can be set to show or hide the favorite bar on every page. It now replicates the working mechanism used in the Google Chrome browser.
  • The browser can display a custom URL when the home button is pressed. It can be set as the home page of a search engine too.

What It All leads To?

The Preview Build 17713 looks quite exciting, but it is not a stable release. So, the users opting for it may run into some stability and usability issues. The real glitches, if any, will be ironed out in the final stable release update. The final release may contain a few more updates for Microsoft edge development but the exact time of publication is unknown. It remains to be seen if the upcoming updates can help Edge in coping better with its famous rivals and increasing its market share.



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