What Makes the iPad Better Than the iPhone?

Most of the people have a misconception about iPad is that it is just a larger iPhone. This is completely wrong because both iPad and iPhone have their own features. You can do different things with iPad and iPhone, an iPad is completely different from iPhone when we talk about their features, software, and hardware. However, there are also some features which both the devices can perform such as playing games, browsing the internet, listening to music and many others. If you have an iPhone, you might find yourself desiring to have an iPad especially if you are a geek of video games and exploring videos because having bigger screen always enhances the experience of exploring videos and games. Collectively, because of many reasons buying an iPad is a great option rather than buying an iPhone. You can save significant bucks of money saved if you buy a refurbished iPad.

Here is a list of a few factors which will let you know how iPad is better than an iPhone.

Number of Applications

As per a research, “The App Store offers more than 775,000 apps in all and more than 300,000 native iPad apps as of January 2013.” Which may sound as if iPhone has more options to have fun, whereas it is nothing near the truth. As per the researches, iPad can run all the apps available on the app store smoothly, where the same is not true for iPhone.

Screen Size

It is quite obvious that the screen size of the iPad is much greater than that of the screen size of an iPhone. It offers a better user experience among several other benefits. It enhances the feel of different activities carries out. On the other hand, iPhone with a smaller screen is little lost here.  Beyond basic note writing, writing is almost not feasible in iPhones. However, iPad offers a completely different experience in this case.

refurbished iPad

Battery Life

It is mentioned so far that iPad has better battery life and can provide hours over an iPhone, reason can be anything, the usage, etc. However, the fact remains that the battery life is way better in an iPad. Plus it has great storage options as well.


The cost of iPhone is much larger than the cost of the iPad. However, like touch ID and processor are the reason behind the increasing cost of the iPad. However, other than this the features of both the iPad and iPhone are same. The cost of the iPhone is much larger because the smaller and the compact, the hardware is, the larger will be the price. On the other hand, we desired to work on the big screen. That is why, considering all these factors, iPad is a great option than that of an iPhone.

These are the various reasons why choosing an iPad is a great option rather than choosing an iPhone.

iPad: A better Option for Students

Other than this, if you are a student in university then buying an iPad is a great option for you. As a student, you need a deeper pocket to buy an iPhone and the applications that will help you in your studies. However, the smaller screen of the iPhone can make you face challenges in reading and writing. Thus you should choose to buy an iPad where you can easily read and write with the larger screen of the iPad. Other than this, iPad is less costly than that of the iPhone thus you will save a few bucks of yours. As a student, we know that arranging a few bucks is really very difficult. If you are still limited in budget, then you can buy a used iPad that you can get even half of the original price of the iPad.

This is how it is always a great option to buy iPad rather than buying an iPhone.

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