Improved Whatsapp backup on Google drive is Amazing!

Life without Smartphones has become unimaginable. It simplifies our work and provides greater comfort. This forms the key factor in the modern scientific world to get easy and quick results. Smartphones are filled with many applications that come as a surprise every day. Among such large numbers, some have really taken a greater toll on our lives. This includes Whatsapp the common messenger applications popular among people on a global scale. Like any other messenger applications it involves handling user’s information and it all comes to backing up one’s data at end of the day for future use. Whatsapp has officially announced that its backup practices are yet to face greater change from November 12, 2018. Whatsapp will auto-delete the old backups (more than a year) increasing drive space. So this new Whatsapp backup on Google drive is the trending talk on the internet in recent times.

Getting Started!

Data Storage is a crucial part of the modern digital world. This brings us the need to focus on the idea of effective data management. In case of the Whatsapp, the data includes both the chat and the media files.  With the increasing social communication among people, the idea of storing such data could be quite a troublesome. Google drive puts an end to this! Here all the chat and the media files are stored on the separate platform that could be accessed independently of the device models. This proves way more valuable in accessing the old data without making any fuss.   But not all are familiar with such backup processes so keep reading to get a better idea!

What Does It Require?

  1. An activated Google account on the smartphone
  2. Installed Google play services ( available only for android mobiles of version 2.3.4 & above)
  3. More importantly enough space to create the backup

Whatsapp backup on Google drive

Creating a Google Drive Backup:

Initialing the process of creating Google drive backup is simple and easy. It involves a series of steps that are given below.

  • Open Whatsapp application
  • Click the button at the rightmost corner of the app that symbolizes as three vertical dots. This provides a dropdown in which select Settings, followed by Chat then the chat back up.
  • Select the option to Back up to Google drive. It provides the list of options to choose the desired period of backup. Also, select the desired Google account to store the backup.
  • Also be aware to choose the Backup Over to choose the desired network for storing the backup. ( Cellular networks may include additional charges)
  • It also provides the facility whether to include or exclude the video files for backing up.
  • This Backup action will be carried out automatically based on the desired period but however one can manually back up the data at any time just by clicking Backup in the Chat backup option.

If you tend to face issues while creating a Google drive backup be sure to check your Google account and the Google play services.

If such a backup involves any cellular network, make sure you have enough internet data for both the Google play services and the Whatsapp.

Restoring and Deleting Google Drive Backup:

Restoring these backup data is quite simple. Once the Whatsapp installations are done, a prompt will guide you to the Chat backup. Here one could select any of the desired backup files for access.

Deleting any of this unwanted Drive backup is also an easy task. It involves the following steps:

  • One must go to the official Google drive website and log in with the Google account credentials.
  • If you are trying this on your mobile phone one must click the Menu icon on the top left corner and then select the Desktop version.
  • On the top right corner, one will see the Gear icon click and proceed to settings >Manage Apps.
  • It will display the list of all applications; one must select Whatsapp that will provide the “Hidden app data”
  • Select Options > delete hidden app data > Delete.

If you tend to face any errors while restoring the backup, check the available storage space on the mobile device and also the installation of the Google play services ( available only for android mobiles of version 2.3.4 & above)

Stability of the data connection could also result in errors in restoring Whatsapp backup on Google drive. So make sure you are connected to the strong & stable data network.  IF restoring fails with any cellular network try it with stable WIFI connection.

Thus with all the above-mentioned procedures one could enjoy backing up their Whatsapp data without involving any greater efforts.

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Source: Backing up to Google Drive



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